Tears Rossi/Emily (Englisch)

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Ich hoffe mal Englische Fics sind hier auch erlaubt. Ist auch nur ein kurzer Oneshoot.

Title: Tears
Pairing: Rossi/Prentiss
Rating: PG-12
Word count: short and sweet: 537
Beta: dunderklumpen
Spoilers: Minimal Loss (4x03)

„I'm alright Hotch, really.”, she must have told him this for the 5th or 6th time, and to at least a dozen other people, before.

“You don't look alright, Emily”, he looked really worried.

“But I am, it's just some bruises, please...I ...I need just some time for myself.”

He gave her a look, which told that he didn't believe a word, “Emily.”

“Please. I just want to be alone. I need time to think about everything.”, when she saw his look, she added, “I promise I'll call one of you, if I feel worse or need something.”

He still didn't seemed pleased, but he left. Emily sank back in her chair, and as soon as Hotch had closed the door, she started shaking, when the memories of the last days flooded her mind.
I just compensate better than others, she had once told JJ, but that wasn't the entire truth. In fact it was quite far away from the truth. She simply hid her feelings better than others. And she was really good at hiding them, but she felt just the same. In the last days she had been afraid and desperate.
Of course, she had been prepared for situations like this, but real life was very different from lectures and role-playing.
Her thoughts wandered back to the moment, when Cyrus had screamed at them and asked who the FBI-Agent was. She had just seconds to decide, and in these seconds she suddenly knew for sure that Cyrus would kill Reid, if he was the one, who admitted being an agent.
She still remembered the surprised look on Reid's face. And then the pain. With the memories, the pain came back, too. She felt tears running down her face. Emily hadn't cried for years, and she didn't want to cry, now. She tried to hold back the tears, but she wasn't strong enough, anymore.

“Tears aren't a bad thing, you know.”

Emily looked up in surprise. “Sir...I didn't hear you coming”, she tried to wipe away the tears with her sleeve, but Rossi held her arm down.

“Don't. Tears can help.”

He looked her in the eyes, but she turned her head away.

“Please”, she wanted to tell him to go away, but for some reason she couldn't, she didn't even draw her arm back, he still held.

She heard the sound of a chair drawn over the floor and then he sat down in front of her. This time she didn't turn her face away. For moments nobody said a word, then he asked:

“Why are you afraid to cry?”

The answer just slipped out of her mouth, before she could think about it. “My mother. She always said tears are a sign of weakness, and you should never show in public that you're weak.”

“I see.” He looked her deep in the eyes and put his hands on her shoulders. “But parents aren't always right, you know.”

Again she felt tears coming down her face, but this time she didn't try to hold them back. She also didn't try to stop David Rossi, when he put his arms around her. She just put her head on his shoulder and sobbed.

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