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Hier kommen eure Lieblings-Dialoge aus der 4. Staffel.

Aus The Angel Maker Episode.

Morgan: Ok, so this unsub's a weaker guy, but at least someone who perceives himself that way.
Emily: So he brought along the hammer to make certain his victim wouldn't fight back?
Rossi: They have parachutes on-board, right?
Reid: They should. It's standard on all federal air transport.
Rossi: Maybe we can give one to the elephant in the room, get him out of here?
Morgan: That'd be the elephant with the dead man's dna.
Hotch: Well, obviously somebody planted the semen on the victim.
Morgan: In the victim.
Reid: That's one theory.
JJ: There's another?
Reid: Think about who shares the exact dna makeup of another person.
Morgan: Reid, you're not seriously floating around the idea of an evil twin, are you?
Reid: No, i'm not. I'm floating the idea of an eviler twin. Traditionally, the concept is
a good twin and an evil twin. But in this case, it's evil twin, eviler twin.

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4x01 - Mayhem

Morgan: There's something I really want you to know, Garcia.
Garcia: Save it, just get out!
Morgan: No, no, no, I'm not quite there yet...
Garcia: Morgan...
Morgan: Just listen to me...
Garcia: Morgan, please...
Morgan: You know what you are, Garcia?
Garcia: (bomb in ambulance explodes) Morgan! (pause) Derek?
Morgan: Garcia? I'll tell you what you are to me. You're my God-given solace. Woman you promise me one thing - whatever happens, don't you ever stop talking to me.
Garcia: I can't right now 'cause I'm mad at you

4x02 - The Angel Maker
Doctor: The condition can sometimes become permanent
Hotch: But I can go back to work?
Doctor: Putting someone in the field with acute sensitivity to sound can be a mistake. Agent Hotchner, if you are not careful you can lose your hearing entirely.
Hotch: I understand.
Doctor: Good
Hotch: But … you’ll sign my return to duty? [Doctor gives Hotch an unbelievable look] W-what if I said I’ll limit my roll in the field. [Hotch’s phone rings. Hotch continues to look at the Doctor, the Doctor looks up]
Doctor: Your phone is ringing
Reid: That’s one theory
JJ: There’s another?
Reid: Think about who shares the exact DNA makeup of another person
Morgan: Reid you’re not seriously floating around the idea of an evil twin, are you?
Reid: No I’m not. I’m floating the idea of an eviler twin. Traditionally the concept is uh, good twin and evil twin but in this [Morgan shares a look with Prentiss] case its evil twin and eviler twin. [Prentiss & Morgan looks at Reid like he’s crazy & Reid thinks of what he said wrong]
Garcia: Did you know that John Wayne Gacy painted clowns. A murdering ********* paints clowns and people hang them on their walls. It’s creepy on so many levels I mean clowns.
Morgan: I didn’t know you had that hung up.
Prentiss: Coulrophobia- abnormal fear of clowns.
Garcia: Oh no there is nothing abnormal about it. When I was 12 a hobo clown grabbed my breast at a birthday party and made this old tiny honky noise when he did it. Apparently making it funny makes it okay
Garcia: [Talking about what the Angel Maker sells] Yea, he also made this little origami figurines out of cigarette boxes which I hate to say are really cute.
Prentiss: [Talking about a dead security guard] A little heavy on the old spicy
Morgan: Strikes me as an Aqua Velva guy.
Prentiss: [Picks up bottle] Man, you’re good.
Hotchner: In exchange of his silence he wanted sex
Police Officer: Because she shot him in the junk, right?
Reid: Uh, that and the fact he took a PD5 inhibitor shortly before his murder.
Officer Chief: A what?
Morgan: Viagra
Rossi: [talking about cracking a code] What do you need to crack it?
Reid: The ability to clone myself and a year supply of Adderall.
Rossi: I’ll start the coffee
Reid: They weren’t just close, they were in love.
Rossi: How’d you crack it?
Reid: I profiled the author. Courtland Ryan was on death row with severally high ranking members of the Aryans brotherhood.
JJ: You got the code from the Aryans?
Reid: Either that or you read a lot of 16th century literature. The Aryans like to use a cipher based on a 400 year old code written by Sir Francis Bacon.
Morgan: So it’s a binary code.
Reid: Yea, Bacon used a 21 letter alphabet this one is 24. Each letter is assigned a bit-string of five binary digits. This combination yields 32 possibly encodings. Normally you would use a computer to run all these, but it was much quicker to do it long hand until I found the right one. [Prentiss pokes Reid on the cheek]
Prentiss: He’s so life-like.
Garcia :[Talking about Birth Records of the Angel Makers son] We’ll do single mothers only in case she wanted to keep the father a secret. You know, didn’t want to brag. ‘Oh, your baby daddy’s a third grade teacher? Well mine likes to poke people in the stomach with tools so there.’
JJ: Anyone get directions back to the airstrip?
Morgan: This town’s only got one road, we’ll find it.
Prentiss: Yea, Morgan doesn’t like to follow directions. You didn’t know about that?
Reid: Yea, he likes to vibe it.
Morgan: Okay smartass you drive.
Prentiss: Oh… great.
Reid: Sweet.

4x03 - Minimal Loss
Benjamin Cyrus: Savages they call us, because our manners differs from theirs
Nancy Lunde: We didn't come here to hear you cite scripture, Mr. Cyrus.
Reid: Actually it's Benjamin Franklin.
General Of Colorado: You are obviously not in charge, I can see that.
Officer: I'm sorry, sir. I'm under direct orders from the FBI
General: I'm the Attorney General of this State, I demand to know why I wasn't told that the FBI were sending two undercover agents in the sectarian ranch.
Hotch: The only thing you are in a position to demand is a lawyer.
General: Who the hell are you?
Hotch: I'm Aaron Hotchner, Unit Chief. I'm the guy that's going to tell the Attorney General of the United States to charge you with abstraction of a federal investigation or negligent homicide.
General: You can't talk to me like that.
Hotch: Get off my crime scene.

4x04 - Paradise
Reid: Hey, if you guys are hungry I know a pretty good Indian restaurant that's open all night.
Prentiss: Oh no, I can't. I have a date.
Morgan: You got a date? With who?
Prentiss: My hot tub
Morgan: Oh no, that sounds like a party.
Prentiss: You are so not invited
[Morgan makes an 'ouch' face and slaps himself lightly]
JJ: Hold up you guys.
Reid:... change of plans.
Prentiss: JJ? [Asking about the headphones resting on her womb]
JJ: So the baby can hear.
Prentiss: What's he listening to?
JJ: Beethoven
Reid: I personally preferred Mozart myself, but be careful to limit his exposure to on hour a day, amniotic fluids tend to amplify sounds.
JJ: Thanks for the reminder, Doc.
Garcia: I thought you forgot me. It hurt.
Hotch: Garcia, could you send me a list of-
Garcia: - addresses and phone numbers on its way. Kind of sorry, anything else I could do for you?
Hotch: Not for now.
Reid: Thank you Garcia
Garcia: You, my fine furry friends, are welcome. [Hangs-up]
Hotch: Remind me to have her drug tested
Prentiss: Well, road side hotels definitely go on my list... of things to never do again.
Reid: You have a list?
Rossi: You don't?

4x05 - Catching Out
Reid: So wait she knew your name?
Morgan: I don’t know how I could forget a face like hers.
Reid: You’ve been with so many girls you can’t remember all their names ?
Prentiss: Oh, come on, are you surprised?
Morgan: This has never happened to me.
Reid: Hasn’t happened to me before either.
Prentiss: It can’t happen to you, you have an eidetic memory.
Morgan: Anyways, you only got one name to remember
Reid: Ahahah [fake laughs]
JJ: He even sleeps in their beds.
Prentiss: It’s like Goldylocks became a serial killer
Hotch: [Enters the conference room and looks at ‘Highway 99 Killer’] Who named him this?
Chief Inspector: I did
JJ: I’m going to go get started on that memo
Reid: I’m going to help you.
Reid: How’d he take it?
Hotch: He’ll get over it

4x07 - Memoriam

4x08 - Masterpiece

4x09 - 52 Pick-Up
Rossi: How does our unsub become loser of the year to Don Juan.
Reid: Actually, as Byron interpreted, Don Jaun was an ironic reversal of sex roles.. and, when.. ... yea that's about it. (Shuts up seeing as he is offtopic)
Hotch: Not only do you represent the FBI you represent this team, the press, the police, and the families who are struggling through the hardest times of their lives. If you get caught in a lie, the trust we depend on, to help solve these crimes, disappears. Do I make myself clear?
Todd: It won't happen again.
Hotch: No it won't
Todd: So how bad did I just screw up?
Morgan: On a normal scale of 1 to 10, I say a 6. But on Hotch's scale, an 11.
(After meeting Viper for the first time)
Garcia: H...he actually said that? To Prentiss?
Hotch: Yes he did. So what can you tell me about him?
Garcia: I can tell you the Vipers real name is Paul Thomas. And before he rechristened himself, he had a major mullet going on.
Garcia: Sir, does this stuff actually work on real breathing girls
Hotch: Why are you asking me?
Garcia: I abhor the whole chick dig jerk thing.
Hotch: Well, fortunately for you Garcia, you are one of the exceptions.
Garcia: (Flattered) Well, you speckled my heart, so are you sir.
Hotch: (Smiles) Thanks.
Reid: One classic routine the Viper promotes is called the push-pull. He'll insert himself between two women and immediately after complimenting one he'll deliver a sudden insult then pay attention to the other. (Talks to Todd) Those are really nice earrings, I like those.
Tood: Thanks.
Reid: My grandmother also wears a lot of fake jewelry. Ignoring the one woman puts her in direct competition with the other to pursue more aggressively. Sorry, I was just demonstrating, sorry.
Reid: I think I'll just stay home and mend the tip line. Clubs aren't really my thing.
Morgan: Not a chance, Kid. I need a wing man.
Rossi: Actually there is an other angle we need to pursue.
Hotch: We still don't know what made the victim change his victimology. What made him stop killing prostitutes and move into the clubs.
Rossi: The answer might be something in Viper's class. But to figure that out we need to profile the teacher
Morgan: You need to bait him to someone he sees as a challenge.
Reid: You need to study his style up close and personal to take someone he is already attracted to. (Reid smiles and everyone looks at Prentiss)
Prentiss: Urg.... Ohh... this is really going to suck (Looks at everyone with a betrayal look).

Prentiss: To be honest I've dated guys worse than Viper.
Hotch: Wow.
Reid: (Talking to girls in a club) When you think about the nature of serial crimes it's amazing that there aren't more sexual predators in the club- excessive amounts of alcohol, countless opportunities for date rape drugs. Not to mention surprisingly risky behaviour. Alright, now who wants a flyer? (All girls walk away) Nobody okay alright.
Morgan: So how's it going?
Reid: Not good. I gave the profile to one woman and she asked if I was the unsub. How are you doing?
Morgan: Well I gave all my flyers away.
Reid: How many phone numbers did you get?
Morgan: None. I'm working a case here, kid. (Reid raises his eyebrows jokingly) Okay, four were offered but I didn't take any of them. Alright, let me school you a little bit. What you have to do with this ladies is, just take control of the conversation. When you are talking with a woman what makes you feel like an expert.
Reid: Statistics.
Morgan: No, trust me no, something else.
Reid: Well when I do magic.
Morgan: See, see that's perfect. Chicks dig magic. I'm going to give you a chance to work it.
Austin: So what do I do if I see him?
Reid: You should call us. Even if you think you see him you should call us.
Austin: And if I don't see him? Can I call you?
Reid: (tiny voice) Yea, you can call me.
Prentiss: Jordan, this is Viper- God's gift to women.
Todd: Well God sure has a sense of humour.

4x10 - Brothers in Arms
Todd: Almost 30% of officers slang are gang related.
Reid: Technically it's closer to 40%

4x11 - Normal

4x12 - Soulmates

4x13 - Bloodline
Garcia: Hiya, baby.
Morgan: Hey, baby girl. We need to talk.
Garcia: PG or NC 17?
Morgan: You're on speaker phone.
Garcia: I charge extra for groups.
Garcia: Romani?
Rossi: Gypsies.
Garcia: As in "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves?"
Morgan: Exactly.
Garcia: Oh, bless you all for turning my life into a Cher song.

4x14 - Cold Comfort
Garcia: [reading the horoscopes out of the newspaper to Kevin] '... confidence, real or pretend is your magic ingredient.'
Kevin: Confidence! Yes, I like that.
Morgan: Come on guys you don't actually think that there's anything to this stuff, do you?
Kevin: You'd be surprised.
Prentiss: It's jibberish.
Morgan: Thank you.
Garcia: Oh you are just jealous because you don't have the magic ingredient.
Prentiss: I have the magic ingredient. It's called splenda.
Kevin: Alright skeptic, what's your sign.
Morgan: Uh oh.
Prentiss: No.
Garcia: No? Is that in April. Reid, we need a DOB on Prentiss.
Reid: 7:12am on October 12, 19-
Prentiss: Hey!!
Garcia: Hmm... Libra, I should've known. 'A romantic opportunity may experience a slight hitch thanks to the pesky lunar influence which could have you dipping into a rather chilly mood. If begin demonstrative and warm is difficult then neutralize this temporary cold front with a simple but affectionate gesture.
Prentiss: I have a simple gesture. [Flips off]

4x15 - Zoe's Reprise
Rossi: She came to me and I dismissed her.
Hotchner: Try not to personalize it.
Rossi: I was the last one she talked to before she was murdered. How is this not personal, Aaron?
Hotchner: Okay. It's personal. But that doesn't change how we go about finding her killer.

4x16 - Pleasure is My Business
Reid: Female serial killers are a fascinating field. We don't have much information on them but what we do know involves throwing the rules right out the window. Signature for instance - they don't torture or take trophies.
Morgan: Because there is no sexaul gratification when a women kills.
Reid: Exactly, murder is their goal, they don't have to do anything extra.
JJ: So basically women are more efficient at killing.
Reid: Historically they've had body counts in the hundreds
Ellen Daniels: But I have something better for you assuming you might be willing to look over certain legal niceties. Do you want to buy a house?
Hotch: No.
Ellen Daniels: Yes, you do.
Prentiss: Uh, I don't get it, I thought Hotch said we're going to meet a madame here.
Reid: Actually, there is a lot of overlap between real estate and sex work. Property is a safe and inspection free investiment for large sums of cash. Your brownstone used to be owned by a gigolo.
Prentiss: Wha-
Madame: Why, hello you two.
Reid: Ahh, are you-
Madame: Isn't this neighbourhood just fabulous. And you are going to love this house. You two need lessons on faking it. I teach a class.
Morgan: (Takes leather dress) Hey Prentiss (Puts leather dress against Emily), got a whip?
Reid: (Awkward) What about... the, um, type of work your employees do? Uh, we are operating around the assumption this, uh, escort is, uh, killing men who... make her perform ... a spe-specific sexual act.
Madame: What do you have in mind, sweety?
Reid: I... I don't even know.
Reid:[Talking about the victims financial records 16 cars, 6 houses and 3 boats. Can you even boat in dallas... ?
Prentiss: But when you are talking about that much money, 10 grand for a call girl is like deciding to go for dinner.
Hotch: Are you there, Garcia?
Garcia: Affirmative.
JJ: I have half a million over here for something called the batcave. And here's a picture of him as fetish batman. ...That is wrong
Megan: Don't compare youself to the men I see. You are nothing like them. You're just another *****.
Hotch: How am I a *****?
Megan: You come when called, you do their bidding.
Morgan: (Talking about Megan finding out about her dad having a call girl) How'd she find out?
Katherine: Andrew (Megan's father) left his wife because of me. Of course, (offended, jealous, disappointed look) he married someone else.
Garcia: Guys, I might have something. Andrew Kane just reserved a room at the Wilmore Hotel, room 2257 to be exact. Could I have an ick-ick-icky on making an appointment with your own daughter.

4x17 - Demonology
Prentiss: Hotch still in here?
Garcia: Oh, I'm pretty sure he lives here.
Morgan: Rossi, don't tell me you believe in evil.
Rossi: Don't tell me you do this job and you don't.
Morgan: I believe there are evil acts, but those are choices, brain chemistry. What do you think, Hotch?
Hotch: I think deep down inside we are all capable of unspeakable things. Where it starts, or what you call it, I don't know.

4x18 - Omnivore
Hotchner: Put that (the gun) away.
Rossi: You sure?
Hotchner: It's a little dramatic, don't you think?
Rossi: My wife always said I had a flair for the dramatic.
Hotchner: Which one?
Rossi: All of them.

4x19 - House on Fire
Garcia: (Garcia answers her phone) Hello.
Derek: Hey, how's Miss Smart and Sexy doing today?
Garcia: Fair warning, Cupcake. As much as I love you and our witty banter, I'm all out of witty and banter, and I'm struggling with love.
Derek: What's wrong, baby?
Garcia: I'm standing at the crossroads of 31 lives and what I see is a train wreck.
Garcia: You guys choose this; turning people over like rocks, and looking at all their creepy-crawly things underneath. And I get it, I do. It's the only way to catch them, but … I want to see the good in people. I choose to see the good in people, and … getting into someone's mind and trying to find the god-awful thing that happened to them that made them do the god-awful thing to somebody else has seriously impaired my ability to giggle, and it makes my brain all wonky and I don't like it.
Hotchner: Garcia.
Garcia: Yes, sir.
Hotchner: I just wanted to thank you for your excellent work on this case. And I understand that what you did was, for you, very difficult, but your contributions are essential to the success of this team.
Garcia: Thank you, sir.
Hotchner: I know you see the good in people, Penelope, always. And I would never want you to change that.

4x20 - Conflicted
Hotch: We'll make people aware without causing panic.
JJ: Stress hypervigilance, the whole buddy system- yea, I'm all over it- I just don't think anyone is going to listen
Reid: What do you mean?
JJ: Come on, drunk college students don't exactly want to hear they shouldn't talk to strangers
Reid: Right.
Prentiss: Was there any DNA left on the scene?
Garcia: Uh, yea, too much DNA. This portion of the Garcia brought you by "I" for Icky. The lab has recovered over 100 different trace samples. As multiple guests creating a cesspool of DNA, so there is no way to determine the exact time of "secretion" or to eliminate anyone actually working at the hotel.
Morgan: Adam Jackson? Your manager said we can find you up here. [shows FBI Badge]
Adam: I.. uh... I get migraines [Has rolled weed in his hand]
Garcia: [Watching a clip] Victim number 1, I would like to call him Jerkface, seemingly making advances at damsel in distress aka hotel employee Madison Cook. See Jerkface grab damsel, see Adam Jackson, let's call him White Knight, intervene. See Jerkface knock White Knight down, see White Knight pause, see White Knight go postal.
Garcia: Adam Jackson's life reads like a "How to make an Unsub Manual"
Reid: Adam, let's talk about the fight with the first victim, William Browder.
Adam: There's nothing to tell, he grabbed Madison, I tried to stop him.
Reid: That guy was pretty big...
Adam: So?
Reid: Adam, guys like you and I, we aren't exactly the fighting type.

4x21 - A Shade of Gray
Garcia: Tell me things, Sunshine.
JJ: Garcia, I need your brain and your computer system.
Garcia: They are one in the same.

4x22 - The Big Wheel

4x23 - Roadkill
Prentiss: I think it's safe to assume our unsub is male.
Hotchner: I agree with you, given what we know about aggressive driving and road rage.
Prentiss: And the fact that men have an unnatural bond with their cars.
JJ: That is true.
Morgan: Wait a minute, I don't know about 'unnatural.'
JJ: I once dated a guy that washed his car more than he washed his hair.
Rossi: A nice car needs love.
JJ: And a woman doesn't?
Rossi: I'm not qualified to answer that.
(everyone laughs)

4x24 - Amplification
Morgan: I'm going to see you off to the hospital.
Reid: I'm about to get naked so they can scrub me down. Is that something you really want to see?

4x25/26 - To Hell...And Back
Hotchner: Sometimes there are no words, no clever quotes to neatly sum up what's happened that day. Sometimes you do everything right, everything exactly right, and still you feel like you failed. Did it need to end that way? Could something have been done to prevent the tragedy in the first place? Eighty-nine murders at the pig farm, the deaths of Mason and Lucas Turner make 91 lives snuffed out. Kelly Shane will go home and try to recover, to reconnect with her family but she'll never be a child again. William Hightower, who gave his leg for his country, gave the rest of himself to avenge his sister's murder. That makes 93 lives forever altered, not counting family and friends in a small town in Sarnia, Ontario, who thought monsters didn't exist until they learned that they spent their lives with one. And what about my team? How many more times will they be able to look into the abyss? How many more times before they won't ever recover the pieces of themselves that this job takes? Like I said, sometimes there are no words, no clever quotes to sum up what's happened that day. Sometimes, the day just... ends.

Quelle: http://www.criminalmindswiki.com

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das letzte ist eindeutig das beste

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Zitat von jennifer.jareau

Prentiss: JJ? [Asking about the headphones resting on her womb]
JJ: So the baby can hear.
Prentiss: What's he listening to?
JJ: Beethoven
Reid: I personally preferred Mozart myself, but be careful to limit his exposure to on hour a day, amniotic fluids tend to amplify sounds.
JJ: Thanks for the reminder, Doc.

Die Szene war eine der besten in der Folge, besonders Rossis amüsierter Blick dabei, zu köstlich.

4x15 - Zoe's Reprise
Rossi: She came to me and I dismissed her.
Hotchner: Try not to personalize it.
Rossi: I was the last one she talked to before she was murdered. How is this not personal, Aaron?
Hotchner: Okay. It's personal. But that doesn't change how we go about finding her killer.

Eine meiner absoluten Lieblingsszenen überhaupt, was soll ich noch sagen außer: Rossi + Hotch =


4x18 - Omnivore
Hotchner: Put that (the gun) away.
Rossi: You sure?
Hotchner: It's a little dramatic, don't you think?
Rossi: My wife always said I had a flair for the dramatic.
Hotchner: Which one?
Rossi: All of them.

Das zählt ja schon fast als CM-Klassiker, oder? Ich liebe diesen Dialog...

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ganz deiner Meinung - bei allen dreien

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Staffel 4, Folge 4

Der Satz von Hotch über Garcia

"Ich muss sie mal auf Drogen testen lassen"

Ich hau mich weg.

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Ja der ist sehr cool. Vorallem sagt er das mit einem so ernsten Gesichstausdruck - einfach köstlich :]

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stimmt wirklich oscarreif die leistung das so bierernst zu sagen - man könnte glauben er ist hotch und nicht thomas ;)

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Jap,Hotch ist schon super Aber ich find's auch witzig,wie Morgan und Reid ihre...Ehe immer mehr ausprägen

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