Dialoge 5. Staffel

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5x01 - Faceless, Nameless

Garcia: Okay, do you want biological information or full medical charts?
Reid: Can you get the full medical charts?
Garcia: You know, for a smart boy you still ask a lot of dumb questions. I'll have them in seconds.

5x02 - Haunted
Rossi: [Seeing Morgan pass his office] He's not in yet.
Morgan: What?
Rossi: You've been walking by Hotch's office for an hour.
Morgan: [Talking about Hotch] He has only had a month off, Rossi.
Rossi: Technically, 34 days.
Morgan: And you think that's long enough?
Rossi: You don't? Tell him.
Morgan: No thanks, I like my job.
Rossi: You like him more.
Reid: [Garcia helps him sit down due to his leg] Thanks.
Garcia: Does it hurt?
Reid: It only hurts when I think about it, and that's all the time.
[Reid tries to take a cookie]
Garcia: No no no, away you, these are for Hotch.
Reid: I get shot in the leg and I don't get any cookies? You know he's going to hate the attention.
Garcia: It's cookies not cake. [Gives Reid a bowl of lollipops]
Reid: It's why he's been telling nothing happened, anyway.
Garcia: Well it doesn't mean we don't have to.
Reid: Doesn't mean we should.
Garcia: Well I don't roll that way.
Reid: I've been thinking about it, and the entire time I've known Hotch I don't think I've seen him blink.
Garcia: I know, it's weird.
Reid: Classic alpha male behaviour.
Garcia: Do you think he stared down Foyet
Reid: Maybe, could've been what saved his life.
Garcia: Do you think he stared down the whole time with each ... stab?
Reid: I have no idea.
Garcia: Is he okay?
Reid: I wouldn't be but I'm a blinker.
JJ: [Enters] Spence, here you are.
JJ: We are going to Louisville.
[Reid waves to Garcia and puts his lollipop in his mouth]

5x03 - Reckoner
Hotch: Wheel's up in twenty.[Hotch throws a document infront of Reid]
Reid: What's this?
Hotch: You told me you were clear to travel. You lied.
Prentiss: Naughty Boy.
Reid: Ah, no I didn't! I am a doctor, so technically it wasn't a lie.
Garcia: What was it then.
Reid: Um.. Second opinion.
Garcia: Huh, you're my ***** now.
[Morgan laughs]
Ray: I try this damn puzzle every morning - never works.
Rossi: Crator Creater. I work with a kid that could slove this whole thing in five minutes.
Ray: He must be smarter than both of us.
Rossi: That's for sure.
Rossi: You've read the news?
Ray: You think I have something to do with that? You should stick with writing books.
Garcia: I've got something here that might help with that-
Reid: Technically, we've got something here that might help with that.
Reid & Garcia: Former (Garcia stops talking to look at Reid) social worker attended formal status when she was fired DCFS for engross neglacence. In one of her cases was of a seven year old boy, straved to death.
Hotch: ..probably works for the justice system. Garcia?
Reid & Garcia: On it (both look at each other)
Garcia: I say-
Reid: I-
(contection terminates)
Ray: If he smells a fed, I'll end up with the dutches.
Rossi: Now that would be a tragidy (Ray chuckles)
Ray: Hey, that kid, the smart one (Reid smiles and mouths 'Its me'). I could use a little help.
Rossi: Reid?
Reid: Reid here.(Garcia rolls her eyes)
Ray: Crossword question. 10 letters Crator Creator.
Reid: 10 letters Crator Creator.
Garcia: Arctangent.
Rossi: Did you get that?
Ray: Damn, she's smart.
(Reid looks at Garcia, fustrated. Garcia smile & nodds in amusement)

.... in working progress

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RE: Dialoge 5. Staffel

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von JackySVB

das letzte ist zu geil
die situation wo reid und garcia in garcia kabuff sind, ist soo geil

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RE: Dialoge 5. Staffel

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Könnt ihr Dialoge bitte auf Deutsch schreiben? mein englisch is nicht gerade das beste. Danke im vorraus

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RE: Dialoge 5. Staffel

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Das beste ist immer noch in der Folge: Das Netz vergisst nichts.

Rossi: Esse gerade ein Stück Kuchen yum? Mein Chef lässt mich Überstunden machen grrr...."

Irgendwie musste ich nach der Folge gaaanz viel über Internet nachdenken ;)

lg Hotch

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