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Aus speziellem Anlass gibts heute sozusagen als kleines Geschenk gleich zwei Kapitel ;). Ich hoffe, ihr habt immer noch Spaß beim Lesen.

Chapter 32

When the team left around noon, Rossi's mother went home as well to grab some lunch, as she told JJ and Dave. Dave knew, however, that the main reason behind her temporary absence – she ensured them to be back in the late afternoon – was only that she could inform the whole extended Rossi family and everyone in her neighborhood, whom she hadn't had a chance to talk to already in the morning or the night before, about finally being a grandmother.

As soon as he was alone with JJ and the kids, Dave insisted that JJ took a nap along with Henry and Hannah. He had a nurse bring a small bed for Henry to lay down and it didn't take more than five minutes, and the kids were asleep, the excitement of the morning clearly having worn them down.
JJ chatted lightly with Dave for another short while, but her eyes grew heavier with every minute, and soon she was out too. Watching over her sleep for a few minutes, Dave decided to make a quick trip down to the hospital cafeteria to get some coffee, and grab a few bites to eat as well.

Wandering back through the hospital corridors ten minutes later with a cup of coffee and a bagel in his hands, couldn't believe how fast everything had happened in the past twenty-four hours. Not even a day ago he had thought they would be able to make use of the last few weeks until JJ's actual due date to prepare themselves for their child a bit more, address unresolved issues like how they were going to organize raising their daughter and the like. If it was for him, they'd be together like a real family, but Dave knew that convincing Jennifer that they'd be good together would be one hell of an effort. He couldn't blame her, of course, as he had been the one to shut down and not let anything develop between them in the first place.

Afraid of another commitment that might fail, he had asked for their night together to stay a one-time event, and – if he was honest – he'd been surprised when she had readily agreed, because he actually knew or at least suspected that her feelings for him went beyond friendship. When she didn't even object to his suggestion to put their relationship back onto a platonic stage, however, he hadn't been so sure anymore if she was really feeling more for him. And when she seemed to have no problems at all with forgetting the mind-blowing passion they had shared that one night, acting like her usual self in the following weeks, he'd pushed is own feelings aside, trying to convince his aching heart that they were doing the right thing, that he had done the right thing for both of them by not pursuing anything further.

They had had this wonderful friendship that he didn't want to destroy, and which had become deeper with every day after LaMontagne had left. It was the most functioning relationship he'd ever had with a woman that wasn't his mother. And then her pregnancy had caught him off guard, and he had managed to blow it anyway.
He shook his head at the thoughts of his reaction to that as he entered her room again. He was fairly certain that no one had ever screwed things up bigger than he had. Luckily for him, it had turned out that these things were obviously not shattered beyond repair, that he was actually able to fix them. And if he had learned one thing over the past weeks, then that he would never dismiss his feelings for her again like he did before. He was not going to deny them anymore, he would not let her slip through his fingers again by suggesting to stay friends when they could be so much more.

Looking down on his sleeping daughter, he vowed that he would do anything to bring them together as a real family. He'd do whatever it takes to try and convince Jennifer of his love, for her, for their daughter, and also for Henry, who he refused to see as anything else but his son.
Little did he know at that moment that JJ would make this task the hardest challenge for him in the next few months.


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So, hier das nächste Kapitel gleich hinterher.

Chapter 33

JJ's parents arrived in the afternoon.

Dave was dozing in the chair he had occupied again beside Jennifer's bed, when they knocked on the door and entered when no one answered.

JJ had just finished feeding Hannah, and the nurse had brought a few bites to eat for Henry as well, and now she was contently sitting in her bed, holding her two children, and letting Henry cuddle with his tiny sister, gently holding him back every time he was unintentionally a bit too rough with her. She couldn't help the grin forming in her face when she had found Dave asleep on the chair next to her bed once she'd woken up from her nap. The position in which he was sitting on there would definitely cause his neck to hurt for a few days, but she had no intention of waking him up. He deserved a few minutes of rest after staying firmly by her side in the past twenty-four hours without getting any real sleep.

Feeding Hannah and Henry, she'd had a few moments for herself to think about the situation.

Her heartbeat sped up as she thought about the sight of him with the children, a flood of warmth running through her body, when she remembered the kiss he'd given her the night before, only minutes before their daughter had been born, but then her mind wandered back to the previous months, and how he had caused her more pain than anyone else ever had in her life.
She knew she had been in love with him for a long time, a feeling that had not subsided, and she was not sure if it ever would, or if she actually wanted it to do so. For a moment, she wished for someone to tell her what to do, but she knew that she had to come to a decision by herself.

With how readily he had accepted the father role all of a sudden over the past weeks, JJ knew that he wanted it all, being a family in the truest sense of the word. But was she ready for that? Could she ever trust him enough for that? She simply didn't know the answers to that questions yet.
As long as she could keep him at bay, she reckoned he would never be able to hurt her again the way he did. Now it was her turn to suggest being friends rather than being lovers. Getting the kind of friendship with him back that they'd had before her pregnancy, would surely be the best thing for her and the children.
Pressing a soft kiss on her daughter's dark hairs, she came to the decision to wait and see how the next few weeks would turn out for her and Dave, how she and Dave would get along. It would hopefully help her realize what they both were supposed to be for each other in the future.

The arrival of her parents pulled her out of her thoughts, and woke Dave up from his nap.

At first, Mary-Ann and Robert Jareau only had eyes for their new grandchild. Numerous oh's and ah's were uttered as they took turns in holding her, and Dave grew more nervous with every minute that passed that they were ignoring him. Whether it was on purpose or because they were simply too stunned with their new granddaughter he didn't know.

Usually he would simply try and leave a good first impression on a love interest's parents by pulling all of his charm, but first of all, JJ wasn't just a simple love interest, and second, with everything that had happened, and what JJ's parents might have heard of him, they certainly already had an opinion about him, and it was safe to assume that it wasn't a good one, so his charms alone wouldn't help him here.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity for Dave, JJ interrupted her parents' cooing over the baby and turned their attention to Dave.

"Mom, Daddy, this is David Rossi, Hannah's father. Dave, these are my parents, Robert and Mary-Ann Jareau."

Dave held his hand out and said politely: "Mr. and Mrs. Jareau, it's an honor to finally meet you. Jennifer has told me a lot about you."

JJ's parents stared at him icily for a few seconds, but didn't accept his outstretched hand.

"Under different circumstances I'd say it is a pleasure to meet you, but this does not seem appropriate right now," JJ's mother answered, never even bothering to hide her anger with Dave about what he had done to her daughter.

Robert Jareau didn't say anything at first, just looking Dave over from head to toe.

"How old are you?" He finally asked roughly.

"Daddy!" JJ hissed embarrassed.

"What?" Her father shrugged. "Can you tell me what you were thinking getting involved with a man as old as your father?"

Turning to Dave again, he bit out: "Or you, couldn't find a woman your age?"

JJ took a deep breath. She knew her parents would react like that, which was why she hadn't told them Dave's age before, but she couldn't believe that her father would actually embarrass her like that in front of him. If anything, she would have expected them to make their disapproving remarks about the age difference in private, but their anger towards Dave was obviously strong enough to want to slap him in the face. God help her and Dave, when her parents found out that Dave was married three times and divorced as many times.

She had to give Dave credit, though. He never even flinched, let alone blinked at her father's harsh questions, but answered firmly in a calm voice: "I'm 54 years old, sir."

Seeing her mother wanting to add something and her father having another retort on his lips, JJ quickly intervened.

"Mom, Dad, please! I don't want a scene in front of the kids now!"

Then, much to Mr. and Mrs. Jareau's surprise, Henry felt the urge to be on Dave's arm again. He had dozed against his mother's chest while his grandparents were preoccupied with Hannah, but the voices becoming louder and angrier than before had confused him. He crawled down JJ's legs and called for his Da-da again, reaching his hands out for Dave.

JJ's parents were staring in surprise at the scene displaying in front of them, and Dave suddenly felt the overwhelming need for some fresh air, and asked JJ: "Do you mind if I take a little walk with Henry, so that you and your parents can talk?" JJ nodded and he gave her a gentle smile, nodding shortly at her parents, before leaving the room with Henry.

While JJ debated with her parents, and tried to explain them that Dave was a good man, despite what he had done, and that his age was nothing she was willing to discuss with them, Dave went down to the cafeteria again to get a little cupcake for Henry and some strong coffee that he felt he needed now for himself. Watching Henry chew happily on the cake, he felt relieved that his first meeting with JJ's parents was over and that he was actually still alive.


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Chapter 34

JJ and Hannah had to stay in the hospital for one week.

Sitting by her side and keeping her company were her parents and Rossi, of course, who had taken leave of absence for that week to be with her and his daughter. Dave's mother paid them a visit every other day, and the team also showed up once before they had to fly out on a case in Arizona.
It had turned out that JJ's parents and Dave's mother liked each other instantly. After only a few minutes of talking to each other, Gracia Rossi and Mary-Ann Jareau had already started to trade recipes and planned family gatherings for various holidays, and JJ and Dave had the sinking feeling that their mothers would be able to overthrow a country when they joined forces.

Robert Jareau had pulled Dave aside for a very serious talk, in which he had made it very clear that Dave would not get away unharmed a second time, should he ever put his daughter through any pain again. Dave had apologized to both him and his wife, and assured them that he had learned his lesson, and that his top priority from now on was to make Jennifer and their children – and he had specifically referred to both Hannah and Henry as his – happy. After a few more well-placed threats, Robert Jareau had accepted Dave's apology and the two men had shaken hands.

Over the course of the week, JJ's parents had slowly gotten used to Dave, although his age was still something they couldn't quite wrap their minds around. But after JJ had asked them again to let go of that topic, they obliged to her request and hoped that with time they would not have to think about it anymore. After all, all that mattered at the moment was that Dave was a good father, which he had proven to them over the week, and they realized that they didn't have to worry about that.
They stayed with Henry at JJ's place every night, while Dave had insisted on being at the hospital with JJ and Hannah at first. But after a little argument with JJ, and his mother taking JJ's side and telling him that he needed some rest, too, which he wouldn't be able to get in a plastic chair in a hospital room, he agreed on staying at his mother's house, as his own place in Little Creek was too far away. Every morning, though, he was the first one to be back at JJ's side, being content with holding Hannah and playing with Henry all day long.

After a week, JJ was released form the hospital. Her parents and Dave's mother had prepared a little brunch for them and the team at her house, and helped JJ and Hannah settle back in. It also served as a little farewell gathering for Robert and Mary-Ann, because they had to go back to their grocery store in JJ's hometown in Pennsylvania.
Finally alone, JJ and Dave sat down to have the talk they'd been pushing off for so long, but now couldn't avoid anymore. This time, Dave did not hesitate and made his intentions very clear: "I want you in my life, Jennifer. You, Hannah, and Henry. I want us all to be together, I want us to be a family."

JJ sighed deeply. She'd known before in the hospital that this was what he wanted, but she didn't know if she wanted it as well. She loved having their friendship back, and there was no doubt that she was very happy that he turned out to be such a good father to Henry and Hannah, but being in a relationship with him was too big a step for her to take just yet. The pain he had caused her was too deeply engrained in her heart to just make it disappear and give in to him, and even though he had apologized to her numerous times and vowed that nothing like that would ever happen again, she remained hesitant.

"Dave, I know you want all that. You've made it very clear, but can we focus on being parents for now, please? I have to get used to taking care of two babies now and this is really enough for me for the moment." JJ knew she was using this as an excuse, but she couldn't help it. She also knew that at some point in the future she would have to give him a definite answer, a clear yes or no to a relationship with him, but right now she didn't feel ready for that.

So she quickly changed the subject and focused on another topic she knew he wouldn't be too happy about.

"I know you would like for Hannah to have your name, Dave, but I decided that I want her last name to be Jareau." When Dave wanted to argue about it, she quickly explained: " I've already filled out the sheet for the birth certificate, and for the moment, I don't want to change that, okay? Henry's name is Jareau as well, as you know, and I want the children to have the same last name. I hope you can understand that."

Seeing Dave nod in defeat, and with obvious disappointment in his eyes, she added: "That does not make you any less her father, Dave. I want us both to have the same rights as parents."

Deep down, he knew she had a point, he understood her argumentation, but for some reason it hurt him pretty much that JJ would make such a decision without asking him about it before. He didn't want to argue at the moment, but he secretly swore to himself to make her his wife and Henry his son as soon as possible, so they could all live together with the same name.

Over the following weeks of JJ's maternity leave, Dave stayed with her and the kids every night, when they were not away on a case. And when they were, he made sure to call her at least twice a day to hear how they were doing, to hear JJ's and Henry's voices and Hannah's cries. He'd never thought that these simple things wold make him happier than he'd ever been in his life, but there he was, enjoying every minute of being able to be with his children and Jennifer, or hearing them over the phone, and feeling empty and lonely when he wasn't with them.

When they were at home, he and JJ usually brought the kids to bed together after dinner and then talked for another few hours or watched TV together. The couch in her living room was his bed during the week and on the weekends he took them out to his house in Little Creek, where they would take long walks in the countryside or simply enjoying the peace and quiet it had to offer. On the Sundays they usually were either at his mother's place for brunch or Gracia was with them at Little Creek.

There was no doubt that they were growing together as a family, and no one who saw them would have guessed that they
were anything else than happy parents of two young children.
Dave, of course, tried on several occasions to get JJ to make a decision concerning their relationship. But every time he asked her out on a real date between only the two of them, she'd brushed him off, saying that she still needed time.

"How much time, JJ?" Dave burst out a little annoyed one day, knowing that he was being impatient, but couldn't help it.

"I don't know, Dave! Why can't we just keep things as they are now? I mean, we're doing a good job of taking care of our children together, and we're having our wonderful friendship again, and I don't want anything to destroy what we have right now!" JJ pleaded.

It didn't go unnoticed by Dave that she referred to both kids as 'their' children, something she had never done before, but he didn't call her on it right now. Not knowing if she had noticed it as well, if it was just a slip or if she'd said it on purpose, he decided to take it as a good sign, and to slowly keep pushing her until he would finally get a definite answer out of her.


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Mir fällt grad auf, dass ich seit über einer Woche kein neues Kapitel mehr gepostet hab... *Schande über mein Haupt*
Dafür gibts jetzt gleich mal zwei ;).


Chapter 35

"David, for the fifteenth time, I am NOT staying behind on this case, nor am I going to do it on any other case we will have in the future!" JJ groaned as they made their way to the airfield to leave for a triple-murder case in Colorado.

JJ had been back from her maternity leave for two days, and to say these past forty-eight hours had been challenging was putting it mildly. In fact, it had already started in her last weeks at home, when Dave had uttered his concerns about JJ being out in the field again, with two babies waiting for her, two babies who needed their mother safe and sound. She had brushed him off by questioning his role as a field agent, and playing the age card: "We're both highly trained agents, Dave, but your reflexes might be a little bit rusty compared to mine considering your age and all. What if you're too slow to duck when an Unsub tries to shoot you? The children need their father as well, you know. Besides, you're the one with a prolific career as a bestselling author. How about going back to that?"

Not wanting to start a fight with her, especially not when he was still trying to win her for himself, he let the subject go. Ar least until JJ's first day back.

Seeing her bent over a load of casefiles her replacement had left at her desk, he couldn't help himself: "You know, you're really good at this," he said, using his most charming tone.


"This. The paperwork. No one's as accurate and detailed as you are at it."

"Dave, what are you trying to tell me here?" JJ rolled her eyes, knowing exactly what he was referring to.

"I'm just acknowledging your work, that's all."

"I've been back for what, two hours? And you're already trying to trick me into taking a desk job? Your charm's not going to work here," she bit out.

"Jennifer, look, you're a valuable member of this team, I'd never deny that, but you could as well be that from Quantico. You don't need to put yourself in any danger," he tried to reason with her.

"You never had a problem with me being in the field before, Dave," JJ sighed.

"But you have kids now!"

"You didn't complain when I came back after Henry's birth. Why now?"

"It's different now! And I can assure you that I was worried just the same when you came back after Henry. I just didn't say anything."

"Good, then maybe you could keep your mouth shut now as well, and let me do my job. As you can see, I have enough to do for today, discussing with you only takes my attention away from the paperwork I'm so good at, as you just told me." JJ couldn't help the sarcastic tone.
Seeing his tense face, she quickly continued: "Tell me, Dave, what are you and the team doing without me on a case? Who's going to do the press conferences? Who's going to make nice with the local LEO's? You?" She snorted dryly at that image.

"If you remember, I've given a lot of interviews and dealt with countless reporters as an author," Dave answered tightly.

"Yes, to present yourself and your books! And even that went terribly wrong a few times! You have the very rare talent to piss absolutely everyone off wherever you show up! Besides, how do you think you and the team are going to solve any case when there's no one to serve as a buffer with the media, and when you can't focus on your profiling alone but have to deal with millions of other things apart from that? Things I'm here for to deal with!"

The argument went on, or rather, went around in circles, for another few minutes until JJ simply threw him out of her office.

Trying to talk to Hotch about JJ's resistance, Dave had to realize that the Unit Chief was entirely on JJ's side. "Dave, shut up and do your job. And let JJ do hers. She's good at it, remember?" Nodding tersely at his friend's words, the same as he and JJ had both used just minutes before, he went out, and down to the bullpen, where he tried to convince the rest of their team, only to find that each and every one of them was also standing firmly on Jennifer's side, deaf for his arguments and reasoning.
But he wouldn't be Dave if he'd just given up. At lunch he'd taken the next opportunity to make JJ see reason, as he thought of it.
That, however, only resulted in JJ refusing to speak with him throughout their whole break, ignoring his very presence at the lunch table, and making sure that they would not spend any more lunch breaks together until he had calmed down.

And now they had their first case after JJ's return, and Dave decided to make a last attempt, knowing deep down, that he'd already lost that battle.

"Henry and Hannah need-"

JJ cut him off immediately. "They will both be fine with your mother. You of all people should know that. And Garcia has promised me to check on them as well, so nothing to worry about."

She smiled at that thought. Penelope Garcia and Gracia Rossi had become quite a unique team over the last few weeks. JJ had to restrain her laughter at the memory of the fearful expression on Dave's face when both women had ordered him around on the day JJ had come home from the hospital. Within a few hours, his mother had managed to win the whole team over, and he had quickly realized that he was on borrowed time from now on. No matter how small a mistake he would make, he probably wouldn't even live long enough to see the consequences.

"Dave, I promise I'll be careful. I won't take any unnecessary risks," JJ said, hoping that it would finally stop him from arguing.

"Fine. I'll let it go. For now!" Dave growled as they stepped up the stairs of the BAU's jet. "But rest assured that I'll get back to that topic should anything go wrong in the field."

Of course, nothing went wrong. JJ did her job the way she always did it, watched closely by Dave, of course, and they caught their Unsub within three days.

She had to admit to herself, however, that being at work again was harder than she'd imagined. She missed her children more than she would have thought, and having them on the phone every night was far from being enough. She had taken a small photo album with her that she looked at every night before she went to bed, and Garcia had even set up a video chat one evening from Dave's mother's house, so that he and JJ could also see Henry and Hannah and not only hear their voices. It was in these moments, that JJ – and also Dave – knew exactly why they did their job. To make the world a little bit better, a little bit safer for their children.

After they had closed the case, the team decided to take a late night flight home to Virginia. They were all exhausted and tired and it didn't take long until one by one they all fell asleep in their seats. JJ and Dave were the only ones who couldn't sleep. JJ's mind was filled with thoughts of Hannah and Henry, so much that she couldn't get some rest, and Dave refused himself to fall asleep as long as JJ was still awake.

Getting up from his seat opposite to her, he went to the back of the plane to get some water for her and himself, and dropped back into the seat next to her. Handing her the small water bottle, he caught her thankful smile, and was relieved that she didn't seem to be mad at him anymore. He knew she had been less than pleased with him on this case, as he was watching over her the whole time, but he hadn't been able to help himself. They had been too busy to talk about it, though, during the past three days, and he had to admit that he wouldn't have known what to say anyway. He'd been impressed with her work again, realizing that there was no way this team could ever do without her, and in the end he felt quite ashamed that he hadn't trusted her doing her job, that he had doubted her abilities.

"You did a great job on this case. You always do," he finally said softly, breaking the silence they'd been sitting in for a few minutes.
Surprised by his unexpected words, JJ raised her head to look at him. He chuckled. "Don't look at me like you don't believe me. You know you were good."

JJ shook her head lightly and smiled to herself.
"Thanks Dave. It means a lot to hear you say this," she whispered.

"I'm sorry, Jennifer," he apologized. "I wasn't at my best behavior again in the past week. I had no right to tell you how to do your job." He took her hand and linked their fingers, squeezing it softly to reassure his apology.

"You're right. But, honestly, I had expected no less. You wouldn't have been yourself if you had just kept your mouth shut and accepted my return to work without an argument. But it's good to hear that you realize you've been wrong. That's a first," she said gently.

"Hey, I have no problems admitting when I'm wrong!" Dave burst out as quietly as he could without waking the others.

"Relax, Dave, I was just teasing you," JJ smirked at him.

They fell silent for a moment until JJ began to speak again.
"It's not easy to be back, you know. I miss Hannah and Henry."

"Yeah, I know," Dave answered. "I miss them, too. I'm glad we'll be home in a few hours."

He pulled back the armrest between their seats and pulled JJ closer to him.
"Why don't we get some sleep as well."

Feeling his arms wrapped around her, she wanted to argue at first, but the strength and security they provided felt too good that she didn't want to let go of it at the moment. Resting her head against his chest, she listened to his strong and steady heartbeat that managed to relax her completely, and within a few minutes, they were both fast asleep.


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Und Nummer 36 gleich hinterher.


Chapter 36

"Hey, you wanna go out for dinner and maybe a movie on Saturday?" Dave asked JJ as they walked up the way to her apartment complex. They had landed at about 1.30 am and everyone went straight home, to get at least a few hours of rest before they had to be back in the office in the morning.
JJ and Dave decided to leave the children with his mother over the night and pick them up after work the next day.

"I can't. I promised Emily and Penelope we would have a girl's night on Saturday. We haven't had one in quite a while, and they've been begging me for ages to get together again."

"Oh, okay." Dave tried to sound casually, but JJ didn't miss the disappointment in his voice. She felt guilty for turning him down again, but this time she actually had a reasonable excuse for it. Sooner or later – sooner rather than later considering the long time she'd already kept him at an arm's length – she knew she had to make a decision as to where she wanted to go with him, and she figured that some good old girl talk could be of great help with that. Besides, she knew it wasn't fair to Dave for keeping him hanging like that.

"Why don't you stay here tonight?" She asked him as she rummaged around in her purse to find her keys.

"No, it's okay. I'll just drive home," Dave answered. Of course he'd spent many a night on her couch ever since Hannah had arrived, but that was only because of the children. Now that they were at his mother's house, he felt like he'd impose JJ's privacy. But deep down he was elated by her offer.

"Don't be silly, Dave. It's two am, and we're both exhausted. There's no need for you to take an almost sixty minutes drive back to your place in the middle of the night." She opened the door and practically pushed him inside.
Accompanying him over the living room, she threw her bag and purse onto a recliner and pointed at the couch. "The blanket and the pillow are still there. If you need anything else, just help yourself. You knew where everything is."

"Sure. Thanks, JJ."

Not knowing what to say, they looked at each other for a moment, hoping the other would make a start, smiling at each other sheepishly. Dave knew what he wanted to say, but he was not sure how JJ would take it at this time of the night, so he just stayed silent.

"Well, I'll just head to bed then. Goodnight, Dave." JJ turned around to walk over to her bedroom, when she heard him call after her.

"Yeah?" Turning to face him again, she saw that he had something on his mind, but couldn't get the words out. "What is it, Dave?"

Blowing out is breath, he lowered his head and said softly: "Nothing. Goodnight, JJ." Again, he thought, now was not the right time to talk about their situation and his feelings.


He wanted to turn around and get his makeshift bed ready, but then something snapped in his mind, and instead, before he
could even think about what he was doing, he gently grabbed JJ's arm and pulled her to him. Her eyes widened in surprise, as she realized what was about to happen. Pulling her into his arms, he brought his lips to hers, and kissed her fiercely. A jolt excitement rushed through her body at the feel of his warm, soft lips, but the mixture of surprise, excitement, and her mind screaming with confusion, only left her paralyzed and unable to respond to the kiss. Realizing what he was doing, Dave broke the contact again, before giving JJ the chance to sort out her thoughts and react. Keeping her close to him, he met her confused gaze and whispered softly: "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have-"

"Dave, I- I can't," JJ replied barely audible, her fear of getting hurt again taking over.

"I know. I'm sorry." This time he didn't bother to hide his disappointment.

Reluctantly loosing his arms from her, he wasn't so sure anymore, if he would ever get a chance to win her back.

"We'll talk, Dave. I promise." JJ took his and and pressed it reassuringly.

"When?" He asked, not quite believing her words. "You've been putting me off for weeks now!"

JJ knew he was right. Hoping that her girl talk with Emily and Penelope would make her come up with a few answers for herself, she said: "Soon."

Dave simply nodded in defeat, not wanting to pick up a fight in the middle of the night.
If he had known then what the women would come up with, though, he'd taken his chance right now and wouldn't have stopped talking until he got a definite answer out of her.


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Chapter 37

A couple of days later, JJ found herself back at the office after a short case in Oklahoma. The team had been called in on Sunday morning, much to JJ's, Garcia's and Emily's chagrin as they were fighting a hangover from their gathering the previous evening.
JJ had planned on talking with Dave right after her evening with the girls, which had turned out to be quite instructive, but since the case had screwed her plans, she didn't have a chance yet.

Now, she debated with herself if she should go and pay him a visit in his office, or if she should wait until they were at home. Neither of them had mentioned their kiss, and Dave had kept his distance in the past couple of days; it almost seemed as if he was withdrawing himself from her after she had rejected him again. JJ knew that what she wanted to talk to him about wouldn't make it easier for him, but it would hopefully help her find out what she really wanted. At least that was what Garcia and Prentiss had assured her.

JJ had explained everything to them, their situation, how Rossi felt about her, what he wanted from her, that he was the most wonderful father she could imagine having for her children. Everything. She had realized that it was her own feelings she wasn't sure about. She couldn't tell if she loved Dave for himself or just because he was such a wonderful father to Henry and Hannah. She was confused, because on the one hand she wanted nothing more than just give in to him, on the other hand she knew it wouldn't be fair to him if she wasn't in with her whole heart.

For Emily and Penelope it had been more than obvious that JJ was head over heels in love with Dave, her love for him shining in her eyes every time she mentioned his name, every time she told them little stories about Dave and the children, about how firmly he stood by her side and supported her, about what an incredible friend he was. They were surprised that JJ didn't realize it herself, but whatever they told her wasn't enough to convince her. For every argument they brought, JJ knew another one to rebut what they said.

"I like the status quo. I love our friendship, I love how wonderful he is with Hannah and Henry. This could all be gone if I pursue a relationship with him and it doesn't work out in the end," she argued. And then it was Garcia who had come up with the idea of seeing other men.

"Have you thought about going out on dates again, gumdrop?" She had asked, and JJ had to admit that Agent Anderson had already asked her out twice, but she had declined so far.

"And the thing is, I was actually interested. How can I think I love Dave, when at the same time I'm thinking about dating another man?"

In the end she couldn't argue with Garcia's logic. "Go out with Anderson. And with other guys if you need to. If you fall in love with someone else, you know Rossi's not the one. Either way, you'll find out what you want."

That was why she had taken up Anderson on his offer to take her to dinner Friday night. All that was left to do now was to tell Dave about it, and hope that he wouldn't freak out. Deciding that the sooner he learns about it, the better, she made her way through the bullpen up to his office.


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Chapter 38

"You're going to do what?" Dave couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"I'm having a date with Agent Anderson on Friday," JJ replied calmly, knowing that raising her voice was not advisable at the moment.

Dave felt as if someone had pulled the rug from under him, and hissed angrily: "Is that what your two brilliant friends have come up with last Saturday?" He had honestly not expected this. At the very most, he had expected her to ask for more time to become clear about her feelings, but that Garcia and Prentiss were able to talk her into dating someone else, was too much for him to comprehend right now.

"You can't! Fuck Garcia and Prentiss and what they've told you, but you can't!" He yelled loudly, making JJ lose her composure as well. And to think that she had actually planned on staying calm and talk this through with him! But this reaction was not anything she would tolerate.

"I'm sorry, Dave, but you have no right to tell me what I can or cannot do! I'm very much capable of making my own decisions, and I have decided to go out with Anderson! Last time I checked, I was a single woman, so there's nothing you can do about it, but to suck it up and get over it! And don't you dare insult my friends again!" She stormed out of his office and slammed the door behind her, leaving a stunned David Rossi standing in the middle of the room, wondering if the last ten minutes had just happened or if he had only dreamed them.

I've lost her! The thought began to scream louder and louder in his mind, fueling his anger even more. He was angry with JJ for doing this to him, for actually considering to go out with this sneaky little bastard; he was angry with Anderson for making a move on his – HIS! – woman, angry with Garcia and Prentiss for talking her into this shit. But he was most angry with himself, for letting her slip through his fingers, for having waited so patiently. And for what? For nothing.
Cursing himself over and over again for all of his mistakes, for everything he had done to her, for being such a goddamn idiot, he yanked the bottle of Scotch out of his desk that he had still kept there even though he had promised his mother to get rid of it all those months ago, and took a healthy sip. Sinking down on his couch, he let his mind becoming overwhelmed with dark and moody thoughts, and before he noticed, the whiskey was gone.

"What the-", he murmured, looking at the bottle in disbelief before throwing it through the room, not caring where it landed, or who became aware of his outburst.

A few moments later, Hotch came in, alarmed by the sudden noise in the office next to his.

"Is everything okay, Dave?" He asked concerned. Seeing the empty whiskey bottle on the floor, he furrowed his eyebrows, knowing that there was only one reason, only one person who could drive him to drink on the job.

"JJ again?"

Rossi nodded and tried to get up, only to stumble forward and fall down on his knees.

"Need more-," he pressed out as he tried in vain to push himself up again. Hotch quickly went over to help him up, which was easier said than done with Dave moving to get up himself.

"Dave, hold still! Let me help you," he told him, finally managing to get his friend back onto the couch.

"S'methin' t'drink," Dave mumbled, his speech slurred by the alcohol he had consumed, having no intention at all to stay where he was.

"Dave! Sit down!" Hotch ordered. "You're going to hurt yourself!" Struggling to keep Dave in place, he added: "Jesus, did you empty the whole bottle? How much had been in there?"

"Not 'nuff," Dave muttered.

"Hell, you're totally inebriated! You've definitely had enough!"

"No!" Dave whined.

The game went on for another few minutes until Hotch realized that Dave wouldn't give up until he got some more Scotch. He would have to find a way to get him home before he could do more harm to himself.

Seeing Reid walking by on the way to his office, he quickly called him in.

"Reid, get JJ here now! She needs to talk some sense into this guy."

"Uhm, she went home about five minutes ago," Reid answered. "What's wrong with him?"

Hotch let out a small curse. Damn, she was the only one who could tell him what had happened, as Dave refused to talk, only demanding more liquid.

"He's drunk, obviously. I haven't got a clue why, but as usual, it has to do with JJ," he told Reid.

"Oh. JJ was a bit agitated as well when she left," Reid commented.

"Can you bring him some strong coffee, please?" Hotch asked, and Reid went out to get it.

"No! No coffee!" Dave complained. "Want the good stuff!"

"Okay, Dave," Hotch conceded, trying to calm him down. "We're going to get you the good stuff."

He had a sudden, brilliant idea how to get Dave to talk and sober him up, and it involved the only other person who could knock some sense into the older profiler.


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Oh Gott, fast ein Monat vorbei, ohne dass ich ein neues Kapitel gepostet hab... Tut mir furchtbar leid. Als Wiedergutmachung gibts jetzt gleich ein paar Kapitel hintereinander.

Chapter 39

Fifteen minutes later and with the collective help of Morgan and Reid, Hotch had managed to get Rossi strapped in his car.
"Wher're we goin'?" Rossi moaned.

"Go get you the good stuff you wanted, Dave," Hotch answered and pulled out of the parking garage, hoping that his friend wouldn't realize too soon where they were headed or he might start a riot in his car.

Luckily for him, Dave just laid his head back against the headrest and closed his eyes, the sudden movements of the car making him dizzy. He didn't know how long they were driving, but when the car suddenly stopped, he was relieved that the movements had come to a halt. Opening his eyes, it took him a few moments to take in his environment and to determine where they were, but after Hotch had helped him out of the car, Dave noticed that they were standing in front of his mother's house.

"Aaron," he pressed out. "Bastard." He stumbled around and tried to get back into the car, but Hotch held him back.

"Thanks, Dave, very kind, as always," Hotch retorted sarcastically.

"Need t'go 'way," Dave slurred and took a few steps away from the car when he realized that he didn't have a chance to get in.

"Oh no, Dave," Hotch stopped him and grabbed him by the arms. "We are going to see your mother now. I bet she has a lot of good stuff for you in there." They struggled with each other for a while until Hotch had the upper hand again and managed to drag Dave up the stairs to the front door and rang the doorbell.

"What'd I ev'r do t'you?" Dave whined. "You're tryin' t'get me ex'cuted!"

"No one's trying to get you executed, Dave. But it's either JJ or your mother now," Hotch replied matter-of-factly. "And trust me Dave, in your current state, it's better for you to deal with your mother rather than the mother of your daughter. You don't want JJ to send you to hell for good, do you?"

"Sh'already did," Dave muttered, and then stared up into his mother's face, which had appeared in the door.

"What a surprise!" Gracia exclaimed happily. "Davey! Mr. Hotchner! What are you doing here?" Her joy over the unexpected guests, however, vanished quickly as she saw the inebriated condition her son was in, barely able to stand.

"What have you done now, son?" She asked tightly and pierced a dark glare into his eyes.

"N'thin', Mama, 'swear!" Dave raised to crossed fingers to support his statement. "T'was all Jen-Jenn'fer this time."

He stumbled forward into the house, quickly followed by Hotch, who tried his best to keep him up and standing.

"Need s'methin' t'drink," Rossi mumbled, aiming for his mother's living room, where he knew she kept some Scotch for him when he came to visit her, but Hotch held him firmly at his side.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Rossi," he said apologetically to Gracia. "But I didn't want to leave him alone."

"It's all right, Mr. Hotchner," Dave's mother said. "Thank you very much for bringing him here. He obviously needs someone to set him straight again."

They both pulled Dave over to Gracia's bathroom and pushed him inside, not listening to his noisy complaints.

"Are you fine with him alone?" Gracia wanted to know. When Hotch nodded, she added before she left the room: "Good. I'll go over to the kitchen and get the coffee started."

"No coffee," came a loud groan from Dave as he again made an attempt to escape Hotch's grip.

Hotch simply pushed him into the shower, blocked the entrance and shrugged out of his jacket. Rolling back the sleeves of his shirt, he turned on the water before Dave got another chance to run away. The ice cold water flowing down Dave's head made him jerk violently and yell angrily: "Fuck, Hotch! What're you doin'?"

A few minutes later Dave had visibly sobered up, now shivering from the cold, wet clothes that were sticking on his body. He began to realize what he had done, knowing that the pounding headache that was already beginning to form would make him deeply regret his uncontrolled abuse of alcohol later.

That was, of course, if he lived long enough to regret anything after his mother was done with him.


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Chapter 40

Wrapped in a big, white bathrobe that he kept at his mother's house along with other things in case he stayed with her over night, Dave made his way to the living room a few minutes later, mentally bracing himself for his mother reading him the riot act. Although he still wasn't able to walk a straight line, he was now halfway sobered up, trying to get his brain to function again and help him come up with a proper explanation for his blackout. Just as he and Aaron sat down opposite to each other on the couch and an armchair, Gracia came in with an extra large mug of coffee and placed it on the table in front of her son.

"Drink!" She ordered firmly, then looking at Hotch: "There's also some coffee brewing for us. It should be ready in a minute."

She glared at Dave, daring him to disobey her order, until he took a large sip, grimacing at the strong bitterness of the black liquid, before she went back into the kitchen again.

Staring into the coffee, Dave purposely avoided Hotch's gaze. He knew he had screwed up again, and he felt genuinely
ashamed about it, especially since the whole office seemed to have taken notice of it. But he couldn't help it. His heart was broken, and he didn't know how much more it could take before it shattered into millions of pieces which could not be repaired anymore.

"Are you going to tell me what happened?" Hotch asked, breaking the silence after a few moments.

Dave shrugged: "For what? It doesn't change anything if I talk about it."

Hotch shook his head. He obviously wouldn't get somewhere with him with being nice and patient.

"Well, as Unit Chief it is my duty to know why someone on my team was drinking on the job. Not for the first time, if you remember." He stared at Dave, who still wasn't impressed and didn't even bother to raise his head and look at him.

"Fine, if you want to behave like a stubborn toddler, go ahead. But let me be very clear about one thing. I will not tolerate this again! Legendary profiler or not, Dave, next time I catch you getting drunk in the office, it's going to have consequences. I need my team to be intact an fully functioning, and I don't have the time nor do I want to play babysitter for one of my staff. What if we had been called away on a case? Is that the kind of impression and example you want to set for the local detectives?"

Expecting his friend to give him one of his famous, arrogant 'I don't give a shit' replies, he was puzzled when the older man simply sat there, looking defeated. "Oh my, whatever it is, it must be really bad," he thought, and was glad when Mrs. Rossi walked back into the den with the coffee for herself and him. Maybe she would get him to open up, or at least her presence would make him answer his questions.

Waiting for her to sit down next to her son, Hotch half expected her to start with her rant right away, but was surprised when she simply took Dave's hand and rubbed it soothingly. Dave was apparently just as surprised, because he looked up cautiously, almost as if he expected her to trick him to face her and then blow her anger right onto him.
Instead he saw the same loving look that she'd had when she'd been consoling his seven-year-old self because the girl next door had laughed at him and run away when he'd told her that he liked her. "Oh, Davey," she sighed, brushing her hand over his cheek.

He wanted to lean into her embrace and let her hold him, just like he did as a child, but Hotch's presence kept him from doing it. As much as he liked and trusted Aaron, breaking down into his mother's arms in front of him was still nothing he wanted him to witness. Gathering his thoughts, he was about to start telling them the events of the afternoon, but Hotch beat him to it and spoke first. " Unit Chief aside, Dave, I'm also your friend. Let me help you."

Dave tried to give him a thankful smile, but wasn't sure if he succeeded. "She wants to date another man," he finally said softly. "She's going out with Anderson Friday night."

"That's it?" Hotch asked surprised, having expected something much more serious like JJ ending their friendship for good or taking the kids away from him. At least that was what Dave's mood suggested. He quickly understood, however, that for his friend this was just as serious as if she had ended things for good, knowing that Dave had always hoped for a relationship with their colleague.

He wanted to add some comforting words, but Dave, not liking that Aaron took things so lightly, burst out: "What do you mean, that's it? Isn't that enough? Or perhaps you're encouraging this, her? Did you help Prentiss and Garcia plotting against me and talking JJ into this shit?" He raged, and Hotch actually had to suppress a smirk at this rant. Sometimes he really wondered if the cool and collected profiler Dave usually was at work, and the hot-blooded Italian he seemed to be outside work were the same person.

"Davey, please! Mind your temper," Gracia interfered, laying appeasing hand on Dave's arm. "I don't think any of this is Mr. Hotchner's fault. He's just here to help you."

"I know," Dave sighed deeply and leaned back into the couch. "God, I just feel so lost. I don't know, I guess I didn't realize that this could happen. She'd been keeping me at an arm's length ever since Hannah's here, but I thought that she just needed time, you know. I should have seen it. I should have known when I kissed her and she pushed me away," he admitted softly. Speaking the words out loud seemed to make it even more real and final for him, and he could say that he'd never felt so broken-hearted before, not with any of his previous wives or girlfriends. He grabbed the coffee mug again and downed the rest of its content.

"I'm sorry for my behavior today, Aaron," he apologized to Hotch. "It won't happen again."

Both Dave's mother and his longtime friend looked at him sympathetically. It was obvious hot much Dave loved JJ, how much he wanted to be together with her, and seeing him so defeated was hard to watch, especially for Gracia. She, too, had dreamed of JJ officially becoming a part of the Rossi family, and she couldn't, nor wanted to believe that her son didn't have a chance with her anymore.

"Look, Davey. Maybe it's not as bad as it seems. She's just going out for dinner," she tried to cheer him up.

"Yeah right," Dave snorted. "And what's next? Before we know it she's moving in with this guy, and then I'm going to end up a weekend-dad just like Aaron was with Jack, and he's going to take my place as a father for Henry and Hannah."

"Davey, don't exaggerate!"

"Really, Dave, your flair for the dramatic is taking over again."

"What, you think that's not going to happen?"

"Not if you fight for her."

Dave's mother nodded eagerly at Hotch's words.

"I've been fighting for her for months! She knows exactly what I want and how I feel, and yet, she still feels the need to go out with someone else. What do you think does that tell me? I don't think I can do it anymore. I'm tired of fighting." Lowering his head again, he wished that he was just dreaming all of this, he hoped for someone to pinch him and wake him up. But all he heard was Aaron's voice trying to convince him not to give up.

"Do you remember what you told me once?" Hotch prompted. "That if there had been children in any of your marriages you would have tried harder to make it work? For Hannah's and Henry's sake, Dave, don't give up."


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Chapter 41

Hotch and his mother had finally managed to cheer Dave up a bit. He still felt this mind-numbing pain that he might have lost the love of his life for good, even though he tried to be rational and convince himself that maybe it wasn't all as bad as it looked at the moment. At least he knew what he had to fight for. Hannah and Henry. He might not be able to make Jennifer realize that they belonged together, but he sure as hell wouldn't be standing there and watch how he got pushed back as the children's father.

After they had talked for another while, Gracia had offered to cook some dinner, but Hotch had declined, wanting to go home to Jack. Dave, too, wanted to go see JJ and the children before they went to bed, realizing that they were probably expecting him just like every other night.

"You really shouldn't be driving anymore tonight, Dave," Hotch said. "Besides, your car's still at Quantico. I can take you to JJ's if you want to."

Dave agreed and quickly got dressed again, his clothes halfway dried, before they said goodbye to his mother. Hotch already went out to the car, as Gracia was drawing her son into a bone-crushing hug, giving them a few moments for themselves.

"Don't worry too much, Davey. I'm sure everything's going to sort itself out," she said gently.

"Thanks Mama. For everything tonight." Dave kept holding her for a little longer than usual, showing her how grateful he was for having her, knowing how much she loved holding her only son.

"It's my job, remember? I'm always here for you if you need me, you know that," she replied, giving him a kiss. Bending down to do the same, he whispered tenderly: "I love you, Mama."


On the short ride to JJ's apartment, Dave and Hotch barely spoke, and when they did it was only meaningless small talk. Hotch reminded his friend to keep a civil tone with JJ, knowing that Dave had a tendency to lash out when he felt hurt, and it definitely wouldn't help his case if he upset her.

"Good luck, Dave." Dave only nodded and gave Hotch a short "Thanks, Aaron" before getting out of the car. He would thank his friend more properly for everything in the morning, but right now his main focus was JJ.

Walking up the stairs to the front door, he felt his heart clench again. What if this was over soon? What if he wouldn't be able to come to her house anymore and see his kids every night? He hesitated to put the key into the lock over these thoughts and sank down on the stairs.

Was he really exaggerating as his mother had said? Was he reading too much into JJ having a date with someone else? One date did not mean she was getting married to this guy right away. "That's right," he thought to himself. "It's just dinner, nothing else." He started to repeat this in his head like a mantra, willing himself to believe in the words as they ran through his head. Once he figured he had calmed down considerably, he got up and went inside before he could change his mind. He found JJ and the kids in the living room.

"You're late," JJ stated as he walked past her to scoop his daughter up from the playpen. Gently kissing her forehead and cradling her against his chest, he answered: "I was at my mother's."

"You could have called."

Feeling a bit of anger rise in himself at her words, he turned and hissed, more sharply than he had intended: "We're not together, JJ. So why bother?" He immediately regretted the words once they were out. He didn't want to hurt JJ, especially not when she had asked a reasonable question, considering that he had spent almost every night since Hannah's birth at her place.

"Dave, are you okay?" He heard her ask. She didn't sound as if she had any doubts as to why he was being angry like that. Of course she knew that her date confession had thrown him off balance for a while. So he didn't even bother to try and sound convincing when he pressed out: "I'm okay." Clearly she had to know that he was not.
Yet, he didn't want to fight with her. Not now, when he still felt and knew he could only be unreasonable, and not in front of the children.

"Let's just get the kids to bed and them I'm outta here." He went over to sit down in front of the couch where Henry was playing and let the little boy crawl into his lap. Looking up, he saw JJ stare at him in disbelief.

"What's that supposed to mean now? You're always staying here during the week."

"Well, maybe we should both start to get used to me not being here as often anymore, shall we?" He spat out. "Great," he thought sarcastically. "Not fighting in front of the kids is really working well."

"What?" JJ clearly couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Are you telling me you don't want to be with your children anymore?"

"I would never not want to be with them. Or you. You should know that!" His voice was getting louder and more accusing.

"But I'm sure your new boyfriend wouldn't be too happy with me spending my nights at your place."

"My boyfriend? This is our first date!"

"First, huh? That implies you're already wanting to have a second date with him!" Dave was all but shouting now, while his mind was yelling at him to shut up before he could cause more damage. He saw JJ having a retort on her lips, but a small whimper from Hannah in his arms stilled them both in their argument. Looking down on her sleepy face was all he needed to calm down.

"I don't want to fight, JJ, okay? Let's just drop it," he said almost softly, hoping she would get the hint and not pick up the fight right now.

"Dave, please tell me what's going on!"

He thought for a second, and then replied as calmly as he could: "You were right. You're single and I have no right to interfere with your love life."

"Now that doesn't sound very convincing. Why don't we talk about everything?"

"No. I don't want to talk about it. I've tried for months, and you wouldn't listen. Now I don't want to talk anymore. I get it. You don't want to be with me. I'll get over it."

He got up with both Henry and Hannah in his arms and went over to the nursery with them, leaving a stunned JJ behind. Changing them into their pajamas, he didn't notice JJ standing in the door and watching him. He was lost in his thoughts, mostly angry about himself that he was on his way to ruin whatever was left of his relationship with JJ. This was not going as he had intended it, and he knew that if he continued to act like that, he was probably going to push her into that jerk's arms himself. "Pull yourself together!" He mentally scolded himself. "If not for yourself, then for them!"

He didn't look up when JJ came over and took Hannah out of his hands, laying her down in her crib. Doing the same thing with Henry, he kissed both the kids goodnight and went back into the living room again.

"Dave-" JJ called for him after she'd closed the door to the nursery.

"JJ, please, not now. Look, I'm sorry for being an ass again," Dave said, willing himself to get the right words out. "I don't want to stand in your way. I just want you to be happy, and if you can't be happy with me, then I have to accept that." Boy, did he really say that? So much for fighting for her. It was true though. All he really wanted was her to be happy, even if it meant that he was going to be unhappy for the rest of his life. And maybe, just maybe, she would realize what she was missing without him.

"Just promise me one thing, Jennifer," he pleaded softly. "Please don't take them away from me."

"I promise," JJ whispered, taking a step towards him. "But you should already know that I could never do that." They stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds, not sure what to say or to do now. Dave wanted nothing more than to kiss her again, but he didn't dare do it, afraid of another rejection. He wasn't able to read her face right now, his whole profiling abilities seemed to have left him in this moment.

"I should go to sleep as well, I didn't exactly have a good day today," he broke the silence after a while.

"Stay here tonight. Please." JJ asked him quietly.

Dave nodded. He hadn't really planned on leaving again anyway, despite his biting hint from earlier. Having to take a cab to Little Creek and back to Quantico the next day didn't exactly appeal to him in his current condition.


Not much later he was lying on JJ's couch, not able to sleep yet with his mind filled with what had happened the past day. Was he being overly dramatic? He didn't think so before, but thinking about it now, he realized there was some truth to it. He needed to come up with a decent plan that would help him make her see that he was so much better than this jerk. His mind reeled all kinds of ideas to manipulate JJ's date, but he quickly put them away as childish. It surely wouldn't help him if JJ found out as it certainly wouldn't let him appear in a good light.

After hours of lying awake, he came up with a basic plan on how to proceed now. He would give her this date, but after the weekend, he was going to strike in full blast. There was no way she could say no to what he had in mind.
He didn't imagine that luck would be on his side for once before he actually had to take any action.


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Chapter 42

The team was called in on a case for the rest of the week, so both JJ and Dave didn't really have much time to think about what had happened. Dave's hope that they wouldn't be back in town by Friday night and JJ would have to cancel her date wasn't fulfilled, but since his plans on winning her back were slowly beginning to become more specific, he didn't mind so much anymore. It still annoyed him that she would even consider going out with Anderson, and it stung deeply when she decided to spend her lunch break on Friday with him as well after they had arrived back that morning, but he tried not to show her.

Aside from work, he had also pretty much ignored Prentiss and Garcia. He knew that they meant well with JJ, and he was glad they were such great friends to her, but he was still pissed with them for talking her into this asinine date. Later he would have to remind himself to thank them properly.

After work was done for the day, he followed her home. He was happy to be able to spend a whole evening alone with his children again, although the last time he had been able to do that the previous Saturday, he had liked the circumstances a lot better. Giving JJ time for herself at a girl's night was something he would always agree on – as long as the girls wouldn't come up with another of these idiotic plans, but knowing her on a date with anybody but him didn't make his alone time with Hannah and Henry as enjoyable.

While JJ showered and got dressed, he fed Hannah her bottle and Henry his supper, before changing them into their pajamas. Sitting on the living room floor with his daughter in his arms and Henry crawling around them, he held his breath as JJ came out of the bathroom once she was finished.

"Wow!", was all he managed to get out at the sight of her being clad in a perfectly fitting, knee-long burgundy red dress, her hair falling down her shoulders.

"Thanks." JJ smiled, blushing slightly as a warm and fuzzy feeling ran through her body. "Would you help me with the necklace, please?"

"Sure." Dave carefully laid Hannah down on the couch and got up.

Feeling his gentle hands brushing her neck as he put on her necklace, JJ couldn't help but shiver at his touch, which of course didn't go unnoticed by Dave. He wanted to trace his hands down her arms just to touch her and see if this reaction wasn't just a fluke, but he held back. A confused JJ running scared wasn't something he wanted to see tonight. It was hard enough to know that it wasn't him she had dressed up for like that, and his deepest wish was for Anderson to screw up royally tonight.

"Do you want me to take the kids to my place? I mean, just in case you want to bring your date with you afterwards," Dave offered, earning himself a surprised look from JJ.

"No, it's fine if you want to stay here," she answered with a bit of hesitation in her voice. She knew she would definitely not extend the evening with Anderson into spending the night with him, not on the first date. That was not her style. Cringing when she thought that with Dave she didn't even go on a date but went straight to bed with him, she wondered if he had made that offer on purpose, just to get back on her, and was beginning to feel some anger rise inside her.

Before she could dwell on it, however, she heard Dave say: "All right. But call me in case you go home with him, okay? Just so I know that I won't have to stay up all night and wait for you." He turned her around and looked at her from head to toes, and added in a soft voice: "You look really beautiful tonight, Jennifer."

JJ felt the blush back in her face again at his complimenting words and the intense stare into her eyes he gave her, and her heart suddenly started to beat so much faster, as always when she was this close to him. Damn that man was confusing, she thought to herself, and was glad for the distraction when the doorbell rang.

Dave couldn't help but wince at the interruption. He tried hard to focus and stay calm, while inside he felt like crying. He knew JJ wasn't the type to hop into bed with someone on the first night out, but the fact that she'd done it with him made him imagine that it was not impossible she'd do it again, and he felt his stomach turn at that thought.
So he simply drew her into a short hug and told her to have fun, before he went back to focus on his children.

When she opened the door, Anderson was standing there with a bouquet of flowers, red roses that looked really beautiful, and complimented her much like Dave had done earlier. And while she really liked the flowers and Anderson's polite demeanor, she couldn't help but wonder why she didn't feel the same sensations that were flooding her before.


Once he was alone with the kids, Dave tried to give them his full attention, but his thoughts drifted off to their mother more than once, and he realized he was glancing at his watch every five minutes, hoping that the time would go by faster.

"You know, your Mama really is a special person. But you already know that, don't you, munchkin," he said to Henry, tickling his belly. Hearing his laughing squeal filled him with joy, but at the same time, his heart began to ache at the thought that Henry still wasn't officially his son. What if he never will be? He quickly brushed this painful thought away, willing himself to think positive.

"As soon as your Mama comes home, I'll show her what she'd be missing without me. There's no way I'll let anyone else become your Daddy, Henry, I promise you that." He scooped the boy into his lap and took Hannah into his arms as well, beginning to tell them the story of how he and JJ had first met. Hannah fell asleep pretty quickly, and when Henry's appreciative squeaks became less as well, he got up to lay down on the couch, bringing both kids to his chest and holding them close. If someone had told him a couple of years ago that it would fill him with happiness just to lay down and hold his children, he would have laughed in their face. But here he was, doing exactly that and he couldn't imagine anything making him happier. He knew that despite everything, he was a damn lucky man.


It was just after nine when JJ came back home. Entering the house, she was surprised to find it dark and quiet. Of course Dave would have put the children to bed, but she would have expected him to still be up and watch TV or something like that at this early hour.

When she went into the living room and switched on the lights, she felt her heart melt at the sight in front of her. Dave was still lying on the couch, snoring lightly, his arms securely wrapped around the children on his chest, keeping them in place. Tears filled her eyes, and she couldn't resist, but pull her cell phone out of her purse and snap a few pictures. There, in this moment, she finally had a feeling of being at home, realizing that everything she wanted and needed was right there in front of her. All that was left for her to do was go and grab it.

Shrugging out of her coat, she made a quick trip to her bedroom and changed into something comfortable before kneeling down next to the couch and waking Dave gently.

"Hey," she whispered softly as he opened his eyes.

"Hey. What time's it?"

"Just after nine," she answered quietly, not wanting to wake the children.

"You're home early," Dave said surprised, letting her take Henry out of his arm.

"Yeah, well...," JJ answered evasively, walking over to the nursery with her sleeping son. She wanted to bring the kids to bed before she discussed this with him. Dave followed her with Hannah, and they quickly tucked the children in, before going back to sit down on the couch.

"What happened that you're home so early?" Dave asked again, hoping that whatever she was going to tell him was something he'd be glad to hear.

Looking into his eyes, JJ whispered barely audible.
"He wasn't you."


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RE: One Night Changes Your Life - JJ/Rossi

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Chapter 43

"What?" Dave wasn't sure if he had heard her correctly. Maybe he had wanted her so much to say something along these lines that he was already imagining things.

"He wasn't you," JJ whispered again, sounding almost desperate.

Dave still looked at her in disbelief. He had spent the whole eventing plotting how to get rid of Anderson, how to win her
back, and now she was telling him what he had been trying to show her all along? To say he was surprised would be the least.
Combined with the relief that he hadn't lost her, he also felt anger rise in him again. He had waited patiently for months, had given her all the time she needed to think, had let her push him away from her over and over again, and now all of a sudden she decided to have him? He knew he should be nothing but thankful but he couldn't help it.

"What do you mean, JJ? I'm suddenly good enough again?" he replied more harshly than he had intended to, the words out before he could even think about them.

Now it was her turn to stare at him in shock. And she suddenly realized what she had been doing to him all this time. She'd been playing with him, with his feelings. She had been so sure that he would always be there, waiting for her to come to a decision, that she never noticed what this must have been doing to him. It had never occurred to her that he might not wait forever.

"Oh my God." Her words were nothing more than a faint whisper. "Please tell me I'm not too late." her eyes filled with tears as she looked away, burying her face in her hands.

When he didn't move, she turned to him again, trying to find something in his face that would tell her that her realization had not come too late.

Dave just closed his eyes.

"Dave, please say something," she begged him.

Opening his eyes again, he asked: "What? What do you want to hear, JJ, that I haven't told you already? I'm not the one who has to explain himself here." He had spoken softly and calm, but JJ could not miss the hurt in his voice.

"I am so sorry, Dave. I never realized how much I was hurting you. Or maybe, subconsciously I wanted to hurt you, to get back at you for how much you had hurt me. I don't know. I'm truly sorry, David."

Her apology tore at his heart.

They had both had their fair share of being hurt by the other, that much was for sure, but he knew it had to stop now. He had never meant to cause her any more pain tonight, so his own reaction had surprised him quite a bit. There had obviously still been a lot of accumulated anger in him that he hadn't been able to keep in control. But right now, he just wanted it all to be over, he wanted to forget everything that had happened between them in the past year – with exception of their first night together when they'd made their daughter – and just start all over again. It was the only way they'd both win.

JJ, who interpreted his silence and hesitation as rejection, nodded in defeat and stood up.

"I'm going to bed," she said softly. "Maybe tomorrow we can talk about how to go on from here."

She turned to walk away, when she felt his hand catching her wrist and holding her back. Turning back to him in surprise, she had to cry even more when she saw the look in his eyes. But this time they were happy tears, and they were beginning to form in his eyes as well. The pain had vanished and the deep love she saw reflected in them almost brought her to her knees.

"Come here," he whispered, pulling her down into his lap.

Wrapping his strong arms around her, he let his own tears fall freely as he held her close for several minutes.

"I'm so sorry about everything, David," he finally heard her soft voice against his ear.

"Shh, it's okay, Jennifer. No more apologies. We're together now, that's all that matters to me."

Pressing a soft kiss into her hair, he closed his eyes again and took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of her shampoo. For the rest of his life he would remember that moment, when he felt truly at peace by just holding her. He couldn't even begin to describe the happiness that filled his heart. Now he had everything he ever wanted, and he was going to do his damnedest to keep it.

Feeling his warm breath against her hair and hearing his strong and steady heartbeat made JJ relax completely. Everything was okay now, everything was clear. All doubts about his intentions and her own feelings for him had vanished and had left only the essential: She loved this man and he loved her back.


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RE: One Night Changes Your Life - JJ/Rossi

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Chapter 44

The next morning, a demanding ringing of a cell phone abruptly disturbed Dave's sleep at the ungodly hour of six am. Groaning loudly, he automatically reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the vibrating and beeping phone that had interrupted his dreams, not noticing that it was JJ's.

"Rossi," he mumbled sleepily after he'd flipped it open, and jerked up straight in bed when he was greeted with a piercing scream, wondering if his eardrum would ever recover.

"Who is it?" JJ muttered drowsily, hoping that the wouldn't be called in on a case this Saturday morning.

"I'm not sure," Dave answered truthfully, holding the phone away from his ear. "Though, it sounds a bit like Garcia."

JJ was suddenly wide awake, too, as she heard Dave's words.

"Oh damn, I forgot to call her!"

Seeing Dave's raised eyebrows, she continued to explain: "I promised to call her after I got home from my date to give her an update."
Hearing Garcia's excited voice through the phone, she added grinning: "Sounds like she's drawing her own conclusions about what happened last night."

"Please tell me these are happy and approving noises, and nothing else," Dave said, handing JJ the phone.

Leaning back against the headboard, he smiled contently as he watched and listened to JJ filling Garcia in on the latest developments, letting his own mind wander back to the previous night.


He was not sure how long he had held her close, but after a while, something shifted in them and the began kissing, slowly and carefully at first to feel the other's reaction.
Within moments, however, they both became more and more passionate, their kisses hungrier and more demanding. It was as if they had to make up for all the time they'd wasted before. Before they knew it, they were lying flat on the couch, hands everywhere, touching and caressing, and simply needing to feel each other. No words were spoken, only their heavy breaths and moans were filling the air for quite some time, until Dave suddenly stopped them.

Stilling JJ's hands, he met her confused gaze.

"We can't," he whispered softly, stroking gently through her hair.

"Why not?" JJ asked, the disappointment obvious in her eyes. "I want you, Dave. I need to feel you close. I thought you wanted me, too."

"I do, sweetheart, more than you can imagine," he replied reassuringly, cradling her face in his hands and giving her a thorough kiss. "But for once I want to do everything right. I want to take you out on dates, treat you to dinner, things like that."

"Don't you think we're already past that stage? We have a child together, remember?" JJ chuckled lightly, the disappointment gone when she'd heard his words.

"I know. But I haven't gotten a chance to do all of it yet," he smiled. "Besides, I don't have any condoms with me tonight. I didn't exactly foresee this. So unless you have one here-"

JJ sighed an let her head fall back. "We won't ever forget these anymore, will we?"

"Nope, I don't think so. I've learned my lesson. So before we're not officially working on our next child, I'll stick with the rubber."

"You're already thinking of another one? How many do you plan for us to have?" JJ wanted to know.

"As many as you want, Jennifer. If it'll just be Henry and Hannah, or if we'll be adding another dozen, it doesn't matter to me. I know that as of tonight, I'm the luckiest guy on earth. I couldn't be happier. And every child we'll have can consider themselves blessed for having such a wonderful mother," he replied warmly, his smile just as big as hers as he saw the happiness in her eyes.

"I haven't yet thought about having more children, but for my continued sanity, let's get at least one of the two we already have out of the diapers before we consider getting another one," JJ said dryly.

"Deal," he smirked, leaning down to kiss her again. "But that does not mean I can't hold you close tonight."
Not much later, they ended up in JJ's bedroom, snuggling against each other as they fell asleep, comfortably wrapped in each other's arms.


Dave snapped back into reality as JJ ended her talk with Garcia and reached over to place her phone back onto the nightstand.
Seeing the wide smile on her face, Dave said: "I take it she's happy about this."

JJ nodded. "I've never heard so many 'I told you so's' in such a short amount of time, though. She even offered to babysit Hannah and Henry over the weekend to give us some time to ourselves."

"What did you say?" Dave asked.

"Weren't you listening?"

He shook his head. "My thoughts drifted away after a moment."

JJ smiled knowingly. "Oh. Well, I told her that I want to spend my weekend with you and the kids somewhere quiet. Maybe we can drive out to Little Creek."

Agreeing wholeheartedly, Dave pulled her close again, pressing a soft kiss into her hair. "But first I want to get some more sleep. There's absolutely no need for us to get before Henry or Hannah wake up."

Within a few minutes they were both fast asleep again, curled together in a warm embrace.


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RE: One Night Changes Your Life - JJ/Rossi

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So, damit ich hier endlich mal mit dem Posten fertig werd, sind ja nur noch 6 Kapitel, gibts heute gleich mal 3 Stück. Viel Spaß!

Chapter 45

When JJ and Dave arrived at work after the weekend, they were both relaxed and rested like never before. Or at least they couldn't remember a time they had been relaxed like that.
The weekend together with the kids at Little Creek was balm for their souls. They had done this before ever since Hannah's arrival, in fact they had spent most of their free weekends together at Dave's home, but this time, their first weekend together as a couple, it felt different. JJ didn't have to endure and avoid Dave's nagging questions anymore as to when she finally would commit to him, and Dave didn't have to brace himself for rejection. Everything seemed lighter and easier, and they both could simply focus on being together and spending time with their children.
So when they both stepped out of the elevator at the BAU floor, smiling widely at each other, and then parted ways to go to their respective offices, they were followed by suspiciously raised eyebrows and questioning looks.

Prentiss, who had already been informed about the latest developments by Garcia – the quirky technical analyst couldn't restrain herself from calling her and interrupting her dreams right after she'd ended her call with JJ Saturday morning – quickly jumped up and ran after JJ, determined to get every detail she didn't yet know about the previous weekend out of her.
Morgan and Reid, both more or less oblivious to what had been going on, were more focused on Rossi. Was he really whistling as he made his way up to his office?

"Last week he got drunk because of JJ and now he's whistling?" Spencer whispered to Derek.

"They must have had one hell of a weekend," Derek answered. "And I am going to find out," he added, getting up as well.

"What are you doing? Where are you going?" Spencer squeaked, not sure if it was wise to disturb the senior profiler this early in the morning when he'd just gotten in.

"Don't you want to know about it?" Morgan asked him as he walked up the stairs, leaving a hesitating Spencer behind.

Entering Rossi's office with one sharp knock, Morgan didn't wait for an invitation, but let himself fall into one of Dave's chairs, waiting for the older man to say something.

"What can I do for you this morning, Derek?" Dave wanted to know after a moment, not even bothering to look up from the case file he had just begun to read, biting back the amused smile that was beginning to form on his face, as he knew exactly why his colleague was here.

"So, you and JJ?" Derek said. "Did you have a good weekend?"

"I can't complain," Dave answered shortly, his eyes still glued to the paper in front of him.

"And?" Morgan prompted.

"And what?"

"And what did you guys do?"

That caused Dave to look up and glare intensely at Morgan.

"I don't see why this is any of your business," he said after a minute.

Morgan smirked. "Well, as long as we don't have to carry your drunken ass out of here again-"

"You won't," Dave interrupted him sharply, feeling slightly uncomfortable at the memory of this episode. "Is that all? Because I actually have some work to do this morning and I'm sure you do, too." He turned his attention back to the file again, and waited for Morgan to leave.

"Well, for what it's worth, I'm happy for you and JJ, chief."


"So, how was your date?" Emily asked, walking into the office behind JJ.

"Emily! Would you let me sit down first? Besides, I'm pretty sure Garcia's already given you an update, hasn't she?" JJ rolled her eyes as she put her bag down on the floor and herself into the desk chair.

"Yeah, yeah, but I want the details! Every dirty little thing you and Rossi did this weekend!" Emily retorted excitedly.

"I hate to disappoint you, but there's nothing to tell."

"Yeah, right," Emily snorted.

"Really. We just spent some quiet time with the kids at his house in Little Creek," JJ answered innocently.

"Aw, come on, JJ, you go on a date with one guy and wake up in bed the next morning with the other. There has to be something to tell! Details, please!" Emily looked at JJ with an expecting smirk on her face, her eyes leaving no doubt that she was determined to stay as long as her friend at least spilled some of the events that had led to her and Rossi finally getting together.

Knowing that if she actually wanted to get some work done before noon she had to give her friend something to make her leave, JJ sighed and then leaned back into her chair.

"Fine. As I already told Garcia, you were both right. When I was sitting in that restaurant with Anderson, all I could think of was that he wasn't Dave. I wondered how the conversation with Dave would be like, how Dave would look at me, and what we would do afterwards. I guess I don't have to mention that I finished my dinner as quickly as possible and asked Anderson to bring me back home."

A smug grin appeared on Emily's lips. "See? I hate to say it but: I told you so. Or rather, Garcia and I told you so. It wasn't such a bad idea then."

JJ smiled. "No it wasn't. Although I feel quite a bit stupid and guilty that I needed to go out with another man to realize what I have in Dave. I guess deep down I've known all the time that I love Dave."

"Of course you did! We've all known. It was hard to miss with the way you looked at him and talked about him," Emily said.

"You did? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I tried, JJ, remember? Garcia and I spent a whole evening trying to convince you, but we fell on deaf ears."

JJ could only shake her head at her own behavior.
Thinking back to Friday evening, she muttered, more to herself: "I still almost can't believe that Dave waited so patiently for me to come to my senses."

"That should tell you how much he loves you, and that you really have something to be grateful for," Emily commented nevertheless. "And me telling you this after the stunts he pulled last year is saying something." And after a short break she added: "Although I can assure you, he did not take it as easy and patient as it looked, when I think about last Monday."

JJ furrowed her brows quizzically. "What happened last Monday?"

"You don't know?"

JJ shook her head.

"I wasn't there to see it, but from what I heard, or rather, from what Morgan told me, it took him, Reid and Hotch to get
Rossi's drunken ass out of his office and into Hotch's car."

"What?" JJ stared at her in disbelief.

"Yeah. He was obviously so disturbed by hearing about your date with Anderson that he emptied the whole bottle of Scotch
he keeps in his office," Emily explained, grinning amusedly. "God, I can't believe you didn't know that."

"I'm beginning to realize," JJ muttered dryly. So this was why Hotch had brought him home that night. Dave hadn't offered an explanation, only shortly mentioning that she would have to give him a ride to Quantico the next morning, as they had both been too angry with each other to dig deeper.
At any rate, she was going to have a serious conversation with Dave about drinking at the office, and his drinking habits in general.

Voicing that thought, Emily smirked: "Don't worry. Hotch already read him the riot act for that. Plus, as far as I know, he had taken him to his mother, drunken as he was."

They chatted for a few more minutes before they both had to go back to their work, and JJ couldn't stop smiling all day long as the memories of the past weekend followed her through the day.


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RE: One Night Changes Your Life - JJ/Rossi

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Chapter 46

Hotch was quite surprised when he returned from the breakroom with a cup of freshly brewed coffee to find Morgan coming out of Dave's office, smirking and winking at Reid, who was still standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"What did he say?" Spencer asked immediately, cursing himself for not following Morgan into Rossi's office. He wanted to know what was going on, too!

Raising a questioning eyebrow, Hotch stopped right in front of his door and became just as curious as Reid looked, when he heard Morgan's answer.

"Not much. But what he didn't say was telling enough." His grin grew even bigger as he added: "He and JJ obviously spend a very busy weekend together, if you know what I mean."

Hotch smiled to himself and proceeded into his office, closing the door behind him. So they finally managed to pull their heads out of their asses and got together! He couldn't deny the relief he felt for his friends, although it was mixed with a bit of concern. Knowing David's habits left him thinking, hoping that his protectiveness would not have a negative effect on them working together, now that he was officially allowed to be protective. Remembering the last year and the conditions Dave and JJ had worked with, however, his demur lessened a little. Nevertheless, he made a mental note to remind both of them to maintain the professional behavior they had exhibited before. And he would definitely leave it for Dave to deal with Erin Strauss when she heard of two agents on the same team being in a relationship.

Strauss had already been quite a pain in the ass when the news of baby Hannah had reached her, but for some strange reason the fact that both JJ and Dave had confirmed that they were not involved anymore, but simply taking care of their daughter together had her back down for the time being. Hotch was pretty sure that Strauss would try to pull one of them from the team now, but knowing Rossi, her tries would most likely be in vain.


The day passed fairly quickly for the team. They didn't have a new case that demanded for them to leave town, and especially Dave and JJ were really glad about that, wanting to spend some more time together as a family before their work temporarily separated them from their children again. They were both done with their consults and paperwork for the day shortly after five, and decided to pick up their children from Dave's mother together, taking this as an opportunity to tell her the good news.

Walking up the short way to Gracia Rossi's front door about half an hour later, Dave realized that he couldn't be happier. He knew how much both of the children meant to his mother, how much JJ had come to mean to her, and how much she wanted both of them to be happy together, and part of his own happiness was to see his mother contended. He was finally getting things right, and he just hoped that he would never have to see any disappointment in his mother's eyes again.

He'd rather view the happiness that mirrored on her face when she opened the door for the rest of his life. He could see she was a bit surprised at first to find both of them at her doorstep to get their children, as it was usually only either him or JJ who picked them up, whoever was out of the office first, but they didn't even have to tell her what was going on. The big smiles on their faces couldn't hide the change in their relationship.
Once inside, she gave both of them big hugs and kisses, and decided for them to stay for dinner so that they could inform her of all the details.

They had a great time over dinner, as Dave and JJ recounted the events from the past weekend, especially having a great laugh when JJ told about Garcia's wake up call from Saturday morning. A few times, however, JJ felt her guilty conscience about having kept Dave waiting for so long coming back. While she had made up with him, and he had assured her that it was all forgiven now, JJ knew she also owed his mother an apology. The older woman had constantly been there to take care of the children and support them, never pushing JJ to make a decision, but JJ had always felt that Mrs. Rossi was more than just a bit sad over everything.

She took the opportunity to talk to her after dinner, when she helped Gracia bring the dishes back into the kitchen, having left Dave to take the children into the den.

"I'm so sorry about everything," JJ began once they were alone.

"What are you talking about, Jennifer?" Gracia asked surprised.

"I never realized how much I hurt David with my behavior. That was never my intention and I'm truly sorry about it," JJ explained softly.

"Have a seat, Jennifer," Dave's mother said, pulling out one of the kitchen chairs for JJ. They sat down, and Gracia took JJ's hand.

"I don't thinke that any of it was your fault. You can't help how you're feeling, Jennifer. You were just protecting yourself, which is understandable after all you've been through with my son," she tried to soothe JJ.

"Maybe. But after everything he did to make it up to me, he didn't deserve such a treatment. I'm not sure if I wasn't actually more afraid of my own feelings for him than of getting hurt again. I know it was hard for you having to watch your son suffer like that," the younger woman went on.

"My son is a grown man-" Gracia started, but JJ interrupted her.

"Yes, but doesn't a mother always worry about her child? We'll always be protective of our children, no matter how old they are." JJ smiled gently at her and continued. "I never intended to give any of you so much grief, and I am deeply sorry about that."

Gracia smiled back at her. If she hadn't already known before that JJ was the right woman for her Davey, now she would have been absolutely sure that there couldn't be anyone better for him.

"I know that, Jennifer. I knew from the moment we talked in your office how much you love my son, and I knew it was only a matter of time until the both of you realized that you belong together. I couldn't be happier now, and for me that's all that matters. And honestly, with my son's past in mind, I don't think I would have reacted differently."

"Thank you, Gracia." JJ felt relieved that she wasn't resentful.

"No, I have to thank you, Jennifer. You're making my son happy, and you've given me the two most wonderful grandchildren. I had already given up on both of these things." She reached over to stroke JJ's cheek. "And when are you finally remembering to call me Mama?"


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