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Chapter 47

The next weekend found JJ, Dave, and the children at Little Creek again. The team had just come back from a tough case in Iowa, quickly resolved after three days, but nevertheless taking its toll on all of them, and they didn't waste much time, but headed right out to Dave's place Friday night. Having barely slept over the last few days, they went to bed pretty much right after they arrived, hoping that the children would show some mercy and let them sleep in the next morning.
They were lucky.
It was eight am on Saturday morning when the first whimper came from the nursery. Dave quickly got up and kissed JJ gently on the temple as she stirred to stand up as well.

"I'll take care of it, sweetheart. Try to get some more rest," he whispered gently.

Hearing her lover's soft voice, JJ smiled and snuggled back into the pillows, taking the chance to doze off for another while.

Dave went out and and across the floor into the opposite room, which had been one of his guest rooms before he had it remodeled into a nursery. They were still having both kids sleeping in the same room, but Dave had already made secret plans to turn the other upstairs guestroom into a bed and playroom for Henry when he was a little older, and keeping the nursery for Hannah.

Smiling widely, he found his daughter wide awake, looking curiously at him with her big brown eyes, and Henry just about to return from his dreams. The little boy rubbed his eyes, but didn't make much noise yet, so Dave scooped up Hannah first.

"Hey, princess," he cooed with a soft voice. "Did you sleep well?"

Cradling her against his chest, he immediately smelled the reason why she woke up.

"Uh, someone's definitely in the need of some changing," he commented, wrinkling his nose.

Stripping her out of her sleeping clothes, he quickly took care of this business, tickling her with his beard as he playfully kissed her little belly, which was something Hannah had come to love, squealing and gurgling happily every time he did it.
Once he had put on a fresh diaper and clothes, he took her in his arms again and turned back to Henry to find him awake and standing in his crib now.

Grinning, Dave thought that it hadn't been that long ago since the boy had been able to do this, let alone started to walk. While he had been quite the explorer, always crawling through the house to discover something new and interesting to play with, he had otherwise been content with people carrying him around, if he had been tired of crawling. He had been fifteen months old when he finally made his first few steps, about a month after Hannah had been born. Dave was really happy that he had been there to see it, as he had just come home from work that day. Both him and JJ couldn't have been prouder, and he had quickly taken out his cell phone to capture this moment.

Now, almost two months later, their son seemed unstoppable. If they let him out of sight for just one second, he was up and running, and JJ and Dave could only make sure to keep the doors closed or Henry would escape in no time. At least he wasn't big enough to turn the door knobs yet. And he also still hadn't found a way to climb out of his bed by himself, but with the way he was bouncing up and down, Dave was certain that Henry would come up with something soon.

Putting Hannah back into her own crib for a moment, he reached down for Henry, who was calling "Out! Out! Dada!" and squealed with glee, when Dave lifted him up.

"Hey big boy! Did you have a good night?"

Henry struggled to be put down on the floor, having already noticed the open door, but Dave kept him up and held him in place.

"Dada! Pway!" He demanded.

"Just a moment, munchkin. Let's get you out of your pajamas first, shall we?"

Changing the boy turned out to be a bigger effort than it had been with Hannah. Henry had so much fresh energy after a good night's sleep that he didn't appreciate it at all that he had to keep still, even if it was just for a few minutes. Dave felt pretty relieved when he finally managed to put a fresh diaper and clothes on Henry.

Taking both of the kids downstairs, he laid Hannah down in her playpen and let Henry run around as he went into the kitchen to make breakfast.

Twenty minutes later, he carried a big tray filled with pancakes, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, coffee, and orange juice upstairs
to JJ, who was just about to get up herself when he came in, her eyes lighting up when she saw what he was bringing.

"Breakfast in bed? I knew there was some reason why I love you," she joked.

"I can give you a lot more reasons for that this weekend," Dave smirked suggestively, putting the tray down and bent over to engage her in a passionate kiss.
"Hmm, I can't wait," JJ murmured against his lips.
"I'll get the kids. Be right back," Dave said, still grinning as they broke apart.

A minute later he was back with Hannah on his arm, her bottle in one hand and Henry on the other. JJ helped her son onto the bed and cradled him in her lap as he happily called out for his Mama. Cuddling him gently, she had a few problems to keep him in her arms.

"You're a little ball of energy this morning, aren't you, Henry," she laughed.

"Oh yeah," Dave grinned. "It was quite an effort to get him dressed today." He sat down against the headboard of the bed next to JJ and began to feed Hannah her bottle.

"What do you say we go for a walk later so that he can run off his energy?" He suggested.

They made plans for the rest of the day and enjoyed their breakfast together, until JJ suddenly said in a more serious tone:

"Dave, I want to talk to you about something."


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